26.2 in 8 Weeks

My Gym: Memorial Park, Houston

The Houston Marathon will be here before I know it! Here's how I trained for it this week.

Daily Miles: Mon: 12 (7 at MP), Tue: 6 easy, Wed: 10 (9:31/mi. ave.), Thur: 10 (9:25/mi. ave.), Fri: 8 easy, Sat: 10 (6x800: slow/tired). There were no long runs in my plans for this week, but maybe running 10 miles two days in a row made up for it.

Total Miles: 56. For 4 weeks, I've increased my miles about 3 miles per week.

Strength Training: 2 times. I tried something new at Prevention.

Music: While strength training, I enjoyed listening to Enya on Pandora.

Healthy Eating: I made lentils for the first time this week. I cooked them in chicken broth with a sprinkle of Italian seasoning, salt and pepper. Simple and good!

What I Wore: It's still shorts weather in Houston (about 50* when I run), but sometimes I wear gloves the first couple of miles.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Another great week of training!

  2. Agreed, another great week! I've never cooked with lentils before. Perhaps I'll try that!

  3. i printed out that article to take to bed and read tonight :) i SO need to add strength training back in. i'm just not going to preform good without it!


    Happy Thanksgiving Tina :)

  4. Nice mileage! I can't believe Houston is only 8 weeks away. How exciting. Happy Thanksgiving!


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