50 Mile Week

Running Fuel for Before & After a Run

3 things I'm thankful for this week...
  • ran 50 miles. 
  • I tried a new recipe for Sweet Potato Pancakes. 
  • I voted for the next U.S. president.  

Monday, I ran 9 miles with 7 marathon goal paced miles. I need to get used to that pace - only 10 weeks until the Houston Marathon! After that workout and my recent 5K race, I noticed that I was sore so I kept my running nice and easy until Friday. 

On Friday, I ran 13 miles at a 9:55 average pace, which was about a minute slower than my marathon goal pace. I ate a Gu gel at mile 5 with water and drank 20 oz. of Gatorade throughout the run. I like using the small packets of Gatorade powder that mix with 20 oz. of water in my 10 oz. Nathan bottles at the park with water fountains

I had 2 hard runs and 4 easy runs this week, with a nice 8 mile run today. I saw a lot of butterflies.

Pancake recipe tips: I cut the sugar in 1/2, added 1/4 c.milk, and used whole milk. Delicious!


  1. I need to vote on Tuesday. Voting ahead is a great idea.

    1. It feels great to mark items off of my to-do list early!

  2. Anonymous11/04/2012

    50 miles, awesome!!! You will do great in Houston!

    1. Thanks, I'm hoping just that very thing!

  3. Awesome!!! You are on your way to that BQ!!! So exciting! I voted early about two weeks ago - waited about 20 min. My son voted for the first time Thursday and the wait was 2 hours. Friday I ran past the library where early voting was (the last day until Tues) and the wait was 4+ hours!!

    1. 4+ hours?! I think that I only waited about 20 minutes or less on Monday.

  4. Great job this week with your mileage!


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