50 Mile Week

Running Fuel for Before & After a Run

3 things I'm thankful for this week...
  • ran 50 miles. 
  • I tried a new recipe for Sweet Potato Pancakes. 
  • I voted for the next U.S. president.  

Monday, I ran 9 miles with 7 marathon goal paced miles. I need to get used to that pace - only 10 weeks until the Houston Marathon! After that workout and my recent 5K race, I noticed that I was sore so I kept my running nice and easy until Friday. 

On Friday, I ran 13 miles at a 9:55 average pace, which was about a minute slower than my marathon goal pace. I ate a Gu gel at mile 5 with water and drank 20 oz. of Gatorade throughout the run. I like using the small packets of Gatorade powder that mix with 20 oz. of water in my 10 oz. Nathan bottles at the park with water fountains

I had 2 hard runs and 4 easy runs this week, with a nice 8 mile run today. I saw a lot of butterflies.

Pancake recipe tips: I cut the sugar in 1/2, added 1/4 c.milk, and used whole milk. Delicious!


  1. I need to vote on Tuesday. Voting ahead is a great idea.

    1. It feels great to mark items off of my to-do list early!

  2. 50 miles, awesome!!! You will do great in Houston!

    1. Thanks, I'm hoping just that very thing!

  3. Awesome!!! You are on your way to that BQ!!! So exciting! I voted early about two weeks ago - waited about 20 min. My son voted for the first time Thursday and the wait was 2 hours. Friday I ran past the library where early voting was (the last day until Tues) and the wait was 4+ hours!!

    1. 4+ hours?! I think that I only waited about 20 minutes or less on Monday.

  4. Great job this week with your mileage!


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