60 Mile Week

Zoe in the Woods
Daily Miles: 

Mon: 12 with 8@MP, tough run 
Tue: 7 easy
Wed: 8 easy, too warm for anything faster 
Thanksgiving Day: 16 (Long run); Pre-run: pumpkin pancakes; During: 2 Powerbar gels. I'm loosely following a Hansons Training Plan for the marathon with its shorter long runsMy goal was to run the last 6 miles at MP (marathon pace), but I could only run the last 4 at MP. My first mile was 10:29/mi. pace and the last was 8:49/mi. pace. Although it's cooler, I'm not easily speeding up like I thought that I would. This plan seems harder than my usual training so maybe that's the reason.
Fri: 7 easy
Sat: 10 w/6x1600m and 800m rests, another tough day, missed my pace goals again

Strength Training: 2 times. I found a new plank variation to try. It's tough!

Healthy Eating: I tried spaghetti squash this week. It's interesting how it comes out like noodles. I also had my share of pumpkin pie this week. That's okay, pumpkin is good for you. : )

Running with Dogs: In case you're curious about what is on my dog's nose, that's a Gentle Leader collar. I think it works better than a normal collar to prevent pulling.

Marathon Countdown: 7 weeks until the Houston MarathonI'm considering adding in two 20 milers before the marathon (that my plan doesn't call for) if only to give myself a confidence boost.


  1. Only 7 weeks left!! I would be tempted to put in a 2o miler too- but it goes against the theories in the plan. I will be interested to see what you choose! Either way, I know you'll be prepared.

    I like spaghetti squash too :) I have only had it with butter or spaghetti sauce.

  2. Way to rock a long run Thanksgiving morning. And awesome mileage this week! We use a gentle leader on my Golden Retriever, works great. I threw some long runs into my loosely followed Hanson plan. Unfortunately I wasn't able to really see how it worked since NYC got cancelled and now I haven't been feeling great. But you'll do awesome in Houston!

  3. Nice mileage! And love that Zoe :) Wishing you a healthy remainder of your training schedule.

  4. Wow! You definitely get in a lot of mileage with your program. Very inspiring and encouraging :)

  5. Great week of training! I know a woman who just used Hanson for the first time and did amazing...huge PB! Trust the plan...I think you'll do great.

  6. Wow! 60 miles in a week is a ton! I think the most I've ever done is 43 or so. You are doing awesome! You will do great in Houston!

  7. what a fun run on thanksgiving day!
    i've heard a good thing about that collar from someone on a trail recently when i asked what it was specifically called.

  8. So impressed with your 60 mile week!!

  9. Tina, I still read your blog frequently, although I don't comment much! I think you and my wife are very similar in the cooking department - much of what I see you trying she also tries. We have had spaghetti squash quite a few times.

    I like your chances for having a good marathon in three weeks, and I think this will be the time you BQ, and a well deserved one! I may try the Hanson plan at some point, but ... like you, I would need one or two 20-milers, if for nothing else other than the confidence of getting them done. I do like the additional speed element in their plan. I too often get lazy and just "put in the miles". One of these training cycles I need to force myself to add regular speed sessions twice per week.

    Every year at this time I wish I was running Houston again. Although it was my slowest marathon, it was also my favorite. I will get back again, but maybe not until 2015. I'm running Napa Valley in March, one closer to home in Maine in June, and I'm undecided on a fall marathon, but it may be one later in November.

    Best wishes for the 13th!


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