Hanson's Tempo Run

I'm loosely following one of the Hanson's Marathon Training Plans to train for the Houston Marathon. The main difference between this and other plans that I've used is that it tops out at 16 miles.

The Hanson's Tempo Run, like I did today, is run at marathon pace. Today I ran 8 miles close to marathon goal pace with a 2 mile warm up and cool down for a total of 12 miles. The first mile was my slowest and I missed my goal for this mile, but the run became easier the farther I ran.  Of course, knowing the end is closer helps! I ate a strawberry banana GU gel at mile 6.

I started 12 weeks out from the marathon and there are 9 weeks to go. In the upcoming training weeks, I'll have to wait and see how much I trust the idea of maxing out at 16 miles instead of 20. It's kind of fun to try something new for my 13th marathon.


  1. I'm going to have to check out this plan. After the hip issues earlier this year, I am doing less mileage, but I've added lots of cross training.

  2. Hmmm interesting. I'm anxious to see how this training plan works out for you.

  3. Can't wait to see how you do! I've heard a lot of things about the Hanson training plan, and I'm sure you'll do great.

  4. Good luck with the training plan Tina, I'm sure you'll be OK with a maximum of 16 miles - regularity and miles in the bank should get you through.

  5. Can't wait to hear how the plan works for your marathon. I loosely followed the Hanson plan for the NYC marathon, but I cheated and added a few longer runs. And then the marathon was cancelled and I just took it easy on my own 26.2 mile run, so hard to say about the plan. But I do like the weekly marathon pace runs. I think that's super helpful.

  6. Cool! You are brave!! I am going to be paying attention and look forward to how this works out for you. If you PR, It might convince me to try it.


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