16 Mile Long Run

Yesterday, I ran 5 easy miles and then I ran the last 11 miles at a pace under 9:00 for 10 miles. There was one slow mile in there that I ran at 9:01, my average for the whole run. That's just 3 seconds per mile slower than I need for a BQ or a 3:55 marathon finish. It wasn't an easy run because I was pushing the pace, but I came close to meeting my pace goals so it was a good run.

I ate sourdough toast with honey before the run and I ate GU gels at miles 5 (no caffeine) and 10 ( a caffeinated one - 20 mg). I don't know if caffeine makes a difference for me, but here's an article that says that it helps.  I do think that the pleasant weather helped. It was only about 60* with overcast skies and there was a break from the humidity.

I listened to music during the run, which made running round and round the 3 mile loop at Memorial Park less boring. I usually see "regular" runners and walkers along the way, which makes it feel more like a small town even though this is the fourth largest city in the country. About a mile of the loop that I ran along was on Memorial Drive and is a part of the Houston Marathon route.

Photo: I climbed to the top of the High Temple at the Lamanai Mayan Ruin on a recent trip to Belize. I was too busy trying not to fall down to remember to count the steep steps, but the temple is 108 feet or 33 meters high. From the top, I could see the top of the rain forest for miles and New River, the river that we rode a boat on in order to go to the ruin. I could hear howler monkeys in the distance, too. Unfortunately, we only saw one monkey, but at least my husband got to feed it a banana during our boat ride.


  1. what a terrific run you had. Great pace! You gotta be happy with that. I've got 18 to run this Sunday but the best part is that my husband will be along for 12 of those miles. I'll run slower with him but I just know it will be so much more fun running with someone than alone.
    Love the photo of you in Belize. :)

  2. Sounds like you're in great shape for January!

  3. what an awesome run, you should be so proud!

  4. Funny how in a big city it can feel like a small town. My Grandpa lives in Phoenix and hikes a butte there regularly, and I imagine he sees the same folks on it most of the time :)

    Nice pace run Tina! These runs must be building some great confidence.

  5. Looks like you'll be ready in January!

  6. I give you props, Tina! I'm so not a runner but I'd love to go to Belize and climb that temple. :) Keep up the great running!

  7. aaaack! that looks steep!!! but what a view at the top! sounds like a great trip indeed!


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