16 Mile Long Run

Fruit Stand in Belize
I ran 16 miles today. With the Hanson's plan, you run long runs a little slower than marathon pace, but training fast to race fast makes sense to me so that's what I did. My average pace for the run was 9:00/mile. I ran the first three easy and then I ran the last 13 miles faster. My marathon goal pace is about 8:55.

Thankfully,  I saw some speedsters on the trail at mile 3 and I just tried to hang on. It was a little harder to keep pushing myself when they stopped running, but at mile 11, I saw another speedster and I tried to catch up. By the way, I follow from a distance so that I don't bother my pacers! ; )

Food in Belize

We recently went on a trip to Belize. The photo is of a fruit stand in San Pedro, Belize, where I stopped for golden plums and pepitas. Golden plums are stringy so you'll need dental floss after you eat one to get the strings out of your teeth, but they were fun to try. We ate mango and pineapple, too. On our trip to the Mayan ruins, we ate chicken, rice, and beans - good and simple!


  1. Great 16 miler! Awesome pace to be hitting, that must be a big confidence booster for your marathon coming up. Can't wait to hear how it goes, I am trying to decide if I go with the Hansons plan for Boston training or something else. I have to decide pretty soon!

  2. You are really rocking the MP runs Tina! I do the same thing when I am using someone to pace...I don't want them to catch on to me :)

  3. Amazing! Being that close to your goal marathon pace on a 16 miler is a VERY good sign. I have never done that! You've got this :D

  4. Great run! It seems so difficult for me to hold any kind of race pace. I'm always amazed when I can do it for a race.
    You did a fantastic job of pushing your self on a training run. Way to go. Way to build confidence.
    What race are you training for?

    1. Thanks! I'm training for the Houston Marathon held on January 13.

  5. Great run! I have trouble running my long runs much slower than my MP, too. The fruit stand looks awesome!

  6. you have been consistently following and doing great with that hanson's plan! you're going to do so well at houston! can you beieve it's less than a month away now? guess you'll start to taper next week?

  7. Nice going! It always helps to have a fast runner nearby:)
    My Running Shortz

  8. Anonymous12/24/2012

    Nice run! I've read many articles that recommend running your long runs slower than marathon pace, but I have a hard time doing that, mostly for mental reasons. I like to know I can run a long run at a marathon pace before running the marathon!


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