Sunday, April 29, 2012

Long Beach Trip

Queen Mary Ship

I just got back from a vacation with my husband to California where we spent most of our time in Long Beach. I ran on the beach in the mornings. My longest run was a 10 mile run. I ran on the bike/pedestrian path and on the sand, too. The weather was wonderful - nice and cool! There was no humidity - so different from home. It was fun to hear the waves and the seagulls and to see the Queen Mary, a light house and marinas along the run.

Long Beach Shore/Running Path

We had fun at the San Diego Safari Park with my mother-in-law (who lives in CA) where we saw a cheetah, lions, giraffes, elephants and more.

I guess we shouldn't have parked there! (Stole that joke from my husband!)

I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for running in the heat and humidity here at home. I'll let you know how it goes.

Monday Update: I ran outside today and even though it was humid (about 90%) and 75 (at least 10 degrees warmer than CA), it wasn't too bad. That's because I did hillwork on the treadmill first. I was dripping with sweat even before I stepped outside so, at first, it felt cooler outside than it did inside.

Friday, April 20, 2012

5 Mile Run & Links

My Running Buddy
Today I ran 5 miles at an easy effort on the treadmill, but about a minute faster per mile than I would have if I'd been sweating it out outside, followed by some strength training exercises. My ankle has recovered from last Saturday's 25K. I ran three times this week, each time adding some distance. I don't have any races planned, but I'll build up my mileage again. My quads were beat after the race Saturday which means that I need to do more hill work on the treadmill.

A few links I liked that I came across this week:

Grandmothers of Endurance Video - I just finished running and watched this video again and now I want to go for another run! An article about one of the runners: How 77-year-old Ultrarunner Barbara Macklow Endures.

The Long and Short of Running Wisdom - What all runners can learn from ultramarathoners from Running Times.

The Boston Marathon, Vintage Photos

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hog's Hunt 25K (Not 50K!) Trail Race Report

Runner on Hog's Hunt Course
Today I started my first 50K trail race, but ended up running 25K instead. I twisted my ankle on a root around mile two. It hurt a little more the farther I ran and after running through the race mid-point, it hurt with every step I took. I hadn't even thought about quitting before I reached the mid-point, but I couldn't imagine running another 15 miles with the pain so I ran back to the mid-point, where my car was parked.

It felt worse after the race so I'm glad I stopped, but my ankle feels much better this afternoon after icing it and putting my legs up. I'm a little disappointed, but I'm fine. You never know what race day holds. Each one is a challenge and days like this make me more grateful for pain-free days.

That's Packet P/U, the Start, Mid-point & Finish Line
A couple of good things: at least I was able to run 25K/15.5 miles (really, I ran 16 miles). That's the longest trail race I've done so far! (I ran a half marathon at this park in April.) There was a 25K along with the 50K race so the race shirt we were given which says 25K & 50K - well, it still applies to me! Plus, I had a lot of fun today, talking to other racers during the run and sometimes running by myself through the woods, too, enjoying the woodsy smells, sights and sounds.
Getting Race Gear Ready 
Fuel During Race: 20 oz. lemon lime Gu Roctane Ultra Endurance drink (not very sweet which is nice if you get tired of sweet drinks while running, like I do) and 2 Powerbar gels in Nathan Fuel Belt.
Weather: warm, low to high 70's, humid, breezy
Race Particulars: Hog's Hunt 50K Trail Race (I didn't see any wild hogs!) Dirt trails & jeep roads through the woods of Huntsville State Park (1 1/4 hour drive from Houston)- two 15.5 mile loops. Course was a little hilly, sandy and very rooty and shady. Started on time. Plenty of water stops on 50K course (8) with Heed, Powerade and snacks. Course marked well. Size small shirt too large. Helpful volunteers. Lots of friendly, encouraging runners!
4/18/12 Update: Time for 16 miles: 2:53. Ave pace: 10:51. 97 runners started/81 finished. My ankle feels fine. I've gotten in two short runs since the race.

Friday, April 6, 2012

How I Trained for My First 50K

Backyard Bloom - Happy Easter!
After running the Houston Marathon in January, I increased my miles just in case I was able to work in an upcoming marathon, but instead of running a marathon, I signed up for a local 50K, a distance I've never run before. Instead of focusing much on speed and hills, I focused on more miles. I increased my weekly miles to 61, a new high for me. Since the marathon, I ran six 18+ mile runs (longest run - 24 miles), a 10K and a trail half marathon at the same park where the trail 50K takes place on April 14. I am so excited to run my first 50K race! But first, I taper...

My long run miles on day 1/followed by the next day's run, leading up to the 50K:
6 weeks out: 20/10
5 weeks out: 10K race instead of long runs
4 weeks out: 22/10.5
3 weeks out: 24/10 
2 weeks out: 20/10.5
1 week out: 11.5 - Today. My run was cut short because my knee felt a little off. It's probably nothing, but there was no reason to make it an even 12 if it might make it worse. During the run, I picked up some speed - felt great! I ate Powerbar gel and energy blasts. Refueled with chocolate milk, like I often do after a hard workout. 

50K/50Mile Training Plan - Insert the race date and this gives you a personal training schedule.
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