Friday, August 24, 2012

Good 20 Mile Run Today

Today's Run- 20 mile run. I spent the first 16 miles learning and running at the same time - I watched history documentaries while I was on the treadmill. Then I ran 4 miles outside. I was outside with only two more miles to go and I thought, "This is my day!" The usually warm water fountain had cool water, the rain was cooling me off and even though I had already run nearly 20 miles, I still felt good. I ate salted white rice before my run and raisins and pretzels at miles 6, 11 and 16. Miles 5-16: 9:01 ave. pace.

Recent Workouts-

Sunday- 10 mile inside/outside afternoon run (I usually run in the AM). On the treadmill I ran a warm-up mile and then 2 miles at 8:45 pace and 2 miles at 8:32 pace. Then I ran 5 miles outside - 95 degrees with only 44% humidity today rather than the usual morning 80 degrees with 90% humidity. I was able to average 10 minute miles outside today. The heat dried my mouth out completely, but I had water with me so this wasn't a problem. Otherwise, swallowing would have been painful.
Monday- 6 mile run and strength training. Ave. pace: 11:39 - humid morning run so I'm back to the slower pace.
Tuesday- 12 mile run with 7 on the treadmill. 5 of those miles were 1/4 miles of hills from 5-10% with 1/4 mile runs at 0% incline. I felt some pain at the 10% incline and then the pain came back when the run was done. Walking hurt.
Wednesday- First day off from running in a week and a half - a planned day off. My ankle is better.
Thursday- 6 mile run and strength training. No ankle pain! Thanks to the guy running with a heavy backpack, I felt 50 pounds lighter after I saw him. Ave. pace: 10:38.

Gu Brew vs. Nuun electrolyte tablets (Tri-berry flavor)- I sometimes use these tabs when I run in the heat. One day this week, I took a bottle of each brand with me. I like them both. GU tastes sweeter.

2007 Pike's Peak Marathon & Ascent Race - This video was fun to watch when I was doing hillwork.
Kim Dobson Broke Pike's Peak Record - Dobson recently broke the record by a huge 8.5 minutes!

Friday, August 17, 2012

16 Mile Run Can Go On!

Today (Friday)- 16 mile run on the treadmill. I almost didn't start! When I turned on the computer so that I could watch recorded TV shows, the computer wasn't working right. I tried my broken Ipod, but it was really dead. I had no TV show, no music. How could I run?!

It was very early. The rest of the house was dark, but I stood at our bedroom door and whispered to tech support, "Are you awake?"

He was awake and he fixed the problem right away! Tech support 24 hours a day! The run would go on!

Mile 13 was a fun mile. To speed up in my 13th mile would have been impossible outside in the humidity. After today's run,  I felt better than I did yesterday when I ran only 6 easy miles outside. It's the humidity. It exhausts me.

Here's what I did (after eating a banana):
Miles 1-4: Worked up to 9:34/mi pace. 4 Gu chomps (yum, strawberry)
Miles 5-8: 9:17/mi pace. Powerbar gel
Miles 9-12: 9:01/mi pace. Powerbar gel
Miles 13-15: 8:45/mi pace.
Mile 16: Cooled down at 9:17/mi pace.

Previous workouts from this week:

Monday- 11 mile run with 6 on the treadmill. Hills at a 5-9 % incline (steeper than last week!). Powered by pretzels and raisins.
Tuesday- Strength training and 6 mile run outside.
Wednesday- 10 mile run. On the treadmill, I warmed up for 2 miles and then ran 3 miles at mostly 9:01/mile pace (about goal marathon pace). I ate 1/2 a banana and pretzels during this part of the run and then I went outside for 5 miles with an average pace of 11:20.
Thursday- Strength training and 6 mile run.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Will Run for Cookies!

My plan for today was to run six to eight miles. After running three miles, it was time to either turn around and run home or to run farther than six miles. I felt pretty good at that point even though it was 80 degrees and humid (felt like 87 degrees), so I ran another mile before I made a u-turn for home. Besides, I knew I'd be baking cookies later and you know what that means!

The last two miles were kind of hard to do without stopping, but I knew that the farther and faster I ran, the more cookies I could eat later. I ran until I hit the water fountain. I ran until the cross-walk. And then I ran all the way home. And when I made the cookies, the only question was: do I want more cookie dough or another cookie? Both, please!

The recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies was great, but I used one whole teaspoon cinnamon instead of just the half teaspoon it called for. That made them taste even better.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hills on the Treadmill

Running Fuel: Texas-shaped Pretzels

Monday, I ran 12 miles. On the treadmill, I warmed up and ran 4 miles of "run a 1/4 mile up" and "run a 1/4 mile with zero incline". I ran at 3 to 6% incline, stayed at 5 or 6% and then worked my way back down. Running at 6% incline was hard, but it's easy compared to the hill workouts that I read about at iRunFar where you work up to 10%.

After running 7 miles on the treadmill, I ran 5 more miles outside, increasing the pace with each mile - running by perceived effort, it turned out to be a progression run. This run was powered by pretzels and raisins - less expensive than gels and raisins are good for you.

Tuesday (recovery day), I ran 3 miles on the treadmill before I headed outside to run 5 more miles. Sometimes it's hard to know how hard to push yourself, but I know I didn't overdo it the day before with the hills since I didn't have any sore places on Tuesday.

I've been running more on the treadmill lately because it's hot and humid outside. I'll run fewer miles than normal this week. I like to give myself an easier week every 4-6 weeks and once a week, I take a day off from running.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

10 Mile Treadmill/Outside Run

Palo Duro Canyon Vacation in June

It's hot outside so today, I started my run inside. I ran 6 miles on my treadmill. After a three mile warm-up and a stop for raisins and water, I increased the pace, sometimes after 1/4 mile, sometimes after 1/2 mile, and then went back down to a slower pace and worked back up again. When I was finished on the treadmill, I ate some more raisins, drank some more water and headed outside for 4 more miles.

My legs felt surprisingly light so I tried to keep my speed up outside. Except for my cool down mile, each mile was faster than the previous one. Yesterday's outside 8 mile run was harder to finish than today's run even though I ran faster and farther today. Fun run today!

Pre-run: I've been running without eating first. Works fine for me.
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