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Run/Bike/ST Workout

I liked today's workout because it had three different parts to it. First, I spent 20 minutes doing exercises from where there are many video examples of exercises. 

Next, I bundled up because it was chilly outside and rode my bike for 40 minutes at the park next to our house. Right away, I saw a deer run across my path! (In case you want to know how I made the deer animation in my last post, with my camera, I took 5 photos in a row and Auto Awesome put them together.)

I rode my bike back home and headed back out to run 3 miles. At first, my legs were heavy like bricks! After awhile, my legs felt normal. I'm not used to riding and running like that. I hope that after some more workouts like this, my legs won't feel so heavy.

For dessert, I had a red velvet chocolate chip cookie with peppermint ice cream. I added peppermint extract to some of the cookies, which made them even better. Everyone's thinking about 2014 goals lately. I think it would be fun to try a…

So Many Deer!

Last Saturday, I was excited about seeing two deer in the park and Christmas lights in my neighborhood during my run and bike ride. Then on my Christmas Eve run, I counted 17 deer sightings! One group of deer was curious and even walked towards me and my Weimaraner, Zoe. There they are in the picture.

Weekly Recap:

run 3 miles
ride 25 min.
side leg raises, 10 Stability Ball Exercises and Stability Ball Elbow to Knee Crunches (Day with KT)

Sunday: Rest

run 6 miles
ride 25 min.
Myrtl Routine to strengthen hips (here's a video version), Cooking Light's Amazing Arms (here's a post on 3 Weight Training Myths), 100 push-ups: (2 x 33) + 34

run 7 miles - on and off again run, meaning I ran an easy mile, pushed hard a mile and repeated until done.

Wednesday: I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!
went on a walk, 10 Stability Ball Exercises, 75 push-ups (3 x 25)

run 10 miles (Finally, double digits!)
Nike Training Club's (free app) Kara Goucher's Pro Run…

5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Run

Sometimes you need a little extra motivation to run, especially when it seems like everyone else is staying in their warm beds and you're the only one outside running in the cold weather. Here are five tips that I've used.

Sign up for a new race, distance or terrain at for runners who are earning PR's and learn from them.  Jessica at Pace of Me earned a 4 minute half marathon PR and had fun doing it by easing off on the pressure in training. Jim at 50 After 40 found that running five days a week instead of 6 and eating healthier helped him to qualify for Boston twice and place in many races this year. Marathoner and ultrarunner Shana Leneveu has won ultras using a heart rate monitor. Running has even helped her to reduce her asthma medications. Find a running buddy or a running group. I enjoyed being in a Usa Fit running group. Knowing that your friends will miss you if you aren't there is a great motivator to never miss a run.The scenery along…

This Week's Healthy Recap

Here's my fitness and food wrap-up for this last week.


I've slowly increased my running, being careful not to run myself into an injury again after running the St. George Marathon in October. Must be patient!I finally had a speed session one day this week, running two miles fast for a change. During a 5 mile run, I sped up for 2 miles and ran 9:19 and 8:51 per mile. My goal was about 9:00 for both miles. I'll get there!I ran five times, sometimes in shorts and sometimes bundled up in gloves and a hat.I went on a bike ride in the warm sunshine.I strength-trained three times. Here's what I used today: Runner's World Glute Strength.


I found a Cuisinart dutch oven at Marshall's for $60 (at Amazon, they're $100) and I roasted a chicken in it. I ate a lot of chicken avocado sandwiches and chicken with roasted vegetables this week. My red dutch oven matches the red plate that I found at Marshall's years ago. I baked a birthday cake and I didn't e…

3 Random Things

Let's go random today... Blog changes, race winner changes and oops!

1. Blog Improvements 

I made some blog changes. I put contact information in my sidebar. Then I changed the width of my blog so that everything fits just right. Last of all, I added Adsense back on and one day this week I made a whopping 11 cents! Read Seven Mistakes Even Nice-Looking Blogs Make for more ideas on fixing up your blog.

2. The Woodlands Marathon 2013

Last March, I ran The Woodlands half marathon here in Texas. Today the race declared a new female overall winner, Janna Boren, for the marathon held that day. That's because the previous winner tested positive for a prohibited substance. I feel sorry for the women who placed second through fourth that day. Compared to that, missing the 2 hour mark by 34 seconds like I did seems like an even smaller problem than it did on race day.

3. Oops...

...That moment after you hit the comment button on a blog when you realize that you left out a word or misspell…

Short Strength Training Workouts

In a perfect week, besides running five days a week and a bike ride, I like to get in at least three 15 minute sessions of strength training.

Here's a workout I did on Monday before my run.

The PB & C Workout 
Perform the following 3 exercises:
10 Push-ups
10 Burpees
10 Crunches
And then go through all of them 9 more times.

I took a water break halfway through. After the burpees, it felt good to be on the ground for the crunches. Just be careful not to take a nap while you're down there!

3 Short Workout Videos Online
But maybe you only have 5-8 minutes to exercise. Here are some shorter workouts. I did the second and third workouts today. I had to take breaks during the workouts - they're tough!

Carrie's 5 Minute Ab Workout on C Tolle Run - Her cheerfulness makes the workout go by fast.
4 Full Body Exercises in 7 Minutes with Stuft Mama & a resistance band So many push-ups - I couldn't wait for the finish beeps on this one.
8 Minutes of Non Stop Ab Exercises on…

5K Race Spectator

On Saturday, there was a small 5K race at the park where I like to run. Instead of running in the race, I had a great time spectating. I didn't only watch, though, I also ran 6 miles. I didn't want to be in the way so I stayed off of the course unless it was empty. Still, I was close enough to see the runners so that I could stop and cheer for them when they ran by.

Before I started yelling, I thought about what I'd like to hear. I knew that I didn't want to tell anyone that they were almost to the finish. 'Almost' is relative. I thought about where they were on the course and hoped to say something that gave them the confidence that they needed to keep running strong. When I knew they were towards the end, I yelled something about kicking it in to the finish.

I had my Weimaraner, Zoe, with me. I think that she was a good distraction for the runners as we stood on the side of the course and cheered. Zoe and I also stopped to chat with the race medics and the w…

Weekly Recap, Pancakes & Kefir

Exercise This Week (miles I ran/ST = strength training):
S: 3
S: 0
M: 5/ST
T: 4
W: 3/ST
T: 9 - I'm almost back up to double digit running again!
F: 0/ST

Total Miles: 24

Eating this Week:
Whole Wheat Gingerbread Pancakes - These pancakes are full of spices, perfect for the holidays. I used homemade buttermilk (milk + vinegar to make them fluffy). The pancakes aren't very sweet, but I doubt that will be noticed once you top them with peanut butter, fruit or a little pure maple syrup, which has manganese and zinc in it to help your immune system. I'm glad that I still have some of these left in my refrigerator! 
Kefir vs. YogurtI recently started buying kefir. I bought some blueberry Lifeway kefir this week. It has a great blueberry taste and has the consistency of a yogurt smoothie. The strawberry flavor is good, too.

I used to think that kefir was yogurt with something added to it to give it a liquid consistency, but it's not. Kefir and yogurt contain different types of bacteria an…

Earbuds, Arm Warmers & St. George

Nice Touch, St. George Marathon!

The St. George Marathon sent me a newspaper with marathon day articles. My name is in there, too... Along with all of the other runners and their finishing times! Here's my race report from that October race day, in case you missed it. When I think about it, I can almost feel the leg pain of running down those hills in St. George. Ouch!

One Size Doesn't Fit All Asics Arm Warmers

The UPS driver brought me some new Asics arm warmers. I'd only recommend them to you if your upper arms measure 10" or less. Mine are a little bigger than that so the arm warmers are a little tight. They're a good deal for only $2.67, which might even beat the price of my homemade arm warmers

Earbud Results 

Thank you for all of the great earbud recommendations on my recent post! I came up with a list of your likes from your comments... 
Earbuds You Like (in order of votes with $ to give you an idea of price): 

Skull Candy $ (3 votes) Koss Fit Series for wome…

Motivation: Running Podcasts

Have you heard about the Lifestyle Accountability podcast? So far, I've listened to three shows that I found interesting there. Runners shared their fitness goals and the ways that they live healthy lifestyles.

3 Running Podcast Links

Doc Andrew Murray talks about running 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 consecutive in November 2012, living in Scotland and adding 7 years to your life by running.

Addicted to Running (Alex) talks about completing a 100-mile ultra marathon, having a short race distance goal, like a sub-21 5K and having goals that scare you.

Organic Runner Mom (Sandra) talks about being a beginning trail runner and preparing to race the 2014 Boston Marathon after running the Boston Marathon this year.

Do you listen to running podcasts? I like to listen to podcasts when I'm ironing. It almost makes ironing fun. Almost.

Found: 5 Giveaways

I've won a few itemsonline like my wool Point 6 socks from Run.Write.Hike. They are one of my favorite prizes. I can always use more socks and they're comfortable.
Do you enter online contests? I've entered some giveaways recently that you might like to enter, too. I hope you win something!
5 Giveaways (approximate deadlines)Organic Runner Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide (12/11)
Vera Bradley Bag (12/12/13)
Mizuno Shoes: Stuft Mama (12/13)
Premium Spiced Sugar Box  (12/16)
Blogging Course (12/17/13)

Weekly Recap I got in the 4 strength training sessions this week, one more than usual, but I only ran 4 days when I was really hoping to run 5 days. I was surprised that my thighs were so sore on Monday. Then I took Friday off from running because one of my my hip flexors was sore. 
Saturday - 7 mile run Sunday - bike ride, strength training Monday - rest Tuesday - 4 mile run, strength training Wednesday - 3 mile run Thursday - 3 mile run, strength training Friday - strength training
I ran 17 miles…

PB2 Peanut Butter Powder

Yesterday I saw a small packet of chocolate PB2 powdered peanut butter at the grocery store. Since I had seen it on food blogs, I was curious about it. Aren't blogs great for new ideas?

I put it on my oatmeal this morning. It mixed in easily and it tasted great - like I had added peanut butter and cocoa powder to my oats. The taste isn't surprising since chocolate PB2 is made up of peanuts, cocoa powder, sugar and salt.

The big difference between powdered and regular peanut butter is that the powder has no fat. The fat in nuts can be good for you, but using the powder is an easy way to enjoy peanuts and still cut your fats when you want to.

Chocolate PB2 vs. HEB (local grocery store) Peanut Butter (2 tbsp)
Calories: 45 vs. 200
Fat: 1 vs. 16
Protein: 4 vs. 7

Have you tried powdered peanut butter before? Next, I'd like use it to make chocolate peanut butter cocoa by adding it to milk. That would be great after a chilly run outside.

Now that I've tried PB2, I'd like t…

Athletes: Eat Your Protein!

I've been trying to slowly increase the number of miles I run per week so that I can start training for a race and not cause myself any pain along the way. Sometimes I only run 3 miles at a time, which would be okay if I didn't have an early spring marathon or trail race in mind. But I must be patient!

Since I'm running less, I have more time to read blogs! Recently, I came across a blog post that reminded me of how important protein is in my diet so I've been adding more protein to my meals.

Eat your protein! The advantages:
Protein fills you up. That's good because it means I can last from breakfast time to lunch time without getting hungry. Today I ate 26 grams of protein and made it to lunch without feeling hungry.A high protein diet reduces muscle loss. It may help your body to heal after injury. Sock Doc recommends at least 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight if you're injured and 1.5 if you're not injured. (Here's a metric conversion s…

Book: Continental Quotient & Running Earbuds

Yesterday I finished reading the book Continental Quotient by Kristen Lodge. The book is all about living in new places and outdoor experiences. I liked it!

In the book, Kristen moves from New England to Colorado and finally to Arizona. Most of the book is about moving to and living in different towns. She writes about what it's like to move alone and to make new friends along the way. 

There are stories of the hardships of living where it snows, which I found especially interesting since I've thought about moving to a snowy place someday. After the nearby roads close for snow, Kristen starts carrying skis in her car so that she will always have a way to travel between her home and work. Eventually, she moves to sunny Tucson where she can experience outdoor adventures all year long.

I liked reading about traveling to new places, hiking and backpacking up high mountains, being an Ironman triathlete, biking and skiing. Because the book is only about 130 pages, you'll have mor…

Running & Eating During Thanksgiving Week

I'm especially thankful for a week of good running! If you've had to take a rest from running when you'd really rather be running, each running day is even more special.

Here's how I exercised this week:
Saturday: 6 mile run. Today I ran in the woods for part of my run. Sunday: Rest.Monday: 6 mile run. Deer sighting!Tuesday: 100 burpees - I think. I know it's hard to do math while running, but try it while counting up 100 burpees! This was my first time to try these in a long time and I had to stop to rest often. 
Wednesday: 5 mile run. Thursday: 4 mile run in 30 degrees early in the morning. I wore my fleece hat to keep warm for the first time this season. I did Melanie's Melanie's upper body strength training workout for my arms, too. It's a hard workout, but a good one.Friday: Rest.
3 Tasty Foods I Made This Week
Muesli - Noms McGee: I ate muesli when we visited Norway and found out that I like this less-sweet version of granola with milk or as a yogur…

The Puddle Experiment

2 Tips for Running in the RainWear a cap with a flap to keep the rain off of your face.Bring sunglasses in case the wind blows the rain into your face. After coming back from a long rainy run with red eyes, I started bringing my sunglasses even on rainy days.
I accidentally conducted an experiment for this blog today... 
The Puddle ExperimentWait for a cold (40 degrees), rainy day.Go for a run in your brand new Asics Nimbus shoes, which you hope to keep clean for at least 3 runs. (Not a chance!)Enjoy the scenery: the trees, the creek, the birds.Since you aren't paying attention to where you're stepping, run through a deep puddle with only your right foot.Be sure to keep your left foot out of the puddle.Notice how cold your right foot feels - very cold!Choose not to complain because you...Realize that it will be the perfect puddle experiment.Run for another mile and then... Check to see how your right foot feels compared to your left foot. Conclusion: My right foot felt the sa…

Bobcats & BQ's!

I like to run up a hill in the woods near my house. From the top, I can see the creek in the picture. In the woods, I usually only have to keep an eye out for deer, snakes or maybe even a coyote, but I've heard that we have a bobcat living there now.

I always wondered what I'd do as a runner if I lived somewhere where there were bears or wild cats and now here I am in Texas with that very problem. I try to remember to look out for wild animals, but sometimes I forget. The other day I was startled when I looked up to see a very large turtle in my path. I sure was glad that it was just a turtle.

In my last post, I wrote about wanting to BQ. I'd love to qualify for Boston and to achieve more personal records, too, and I'll keep working on those goals. It's good motivation and since I love to run, it's fun. I hope that in 2013 or 2014 we are all able to meet our goals and find ourselves with shiny new PR's and BQ's.

It's pizza night at my house! Here…

To BQ or Not to BQ

After posting my 10 goals last week, I checked every item off my list and more. That wasn't too hard since I chose realistic goals unlike some of the other goals I write about on my blog...

Like qualifying for the Boston Marathon. It's quite possible that my best time of 3:54:03 is my forever PR (personal record). At the time, I needed a 3:50:59 to BQ or to qualify for Boston. Last May, I ran a 3:58:11 (that's me in blue in the center of the photo) and in January, I ran a 4:00:29. I need at least a 3:55.

Actually, the time I need to beat is faster than 3:55 since the race fills up quickly. It's possible that my goal to BQ is out of my reach, but whether or not I ever BQ, I still love running. I've run in so many great marathons all over the U.S. already. In fact, the joy of ordinary running days is enough to keep me running all of my days - BQ or not!

I'm feeling better this week and got in a 6 mile run this morning after eating an English muffin topped with …

Oatmeal 3 Healthy Ways

It was cooler this week so I warmed up with oatmeal. If I'm hungry when I wake up, I'll eat oatmeal before I run in the morning. Otherwise, I like to have oatmeal after I run so that it warms me up after I've been outside. 
Coming up with some healthy topping ideas was a good way to get my brain working early in the morning! 
Apple Oatmeal
Today, I made myself some apple oatmeal. Rather than just top my oats with uncooked apples, I took an extra step that made my oatmeal even better than usual. 
I melted a dab of coconut oil in a small pot.Then I warmed the apples in the oil and placed them aside in a bowl. I made my oatmeal in the same pot - you don't want to have a mess to clean up when you're done! (If you'd like an oatmeal cooking lesson, here's one: video from Eating Well.) When the oatmeal was done, I added: 
Small Granny Smith apple (diced and warmed in coconut oil)Wheat germAlmond extract Molasses (a sweetener)Toasted almonds Chocolate Nut Butter Oa…

10 Goals for the Week

My goals for this week:

1. Just making a list of my goals goes on this list since I don't usually do this!

Fitness Goals:

2. Run 3-4 times. I want to run more than that, but one of my hip flexors hurts a little so I'm keeping the miles low. I ran yesterday so I'm taking today off.

3. Do a home workout twice. I found a new Upper Body Workout at

Food Goals:

4. Remember to take daily vitamin D. My blood tests show it works. For Monday and Tuesday: completed!

5.Eat kale 2 times. Try a new smoothie combination.

6. Try this new recipe: Pinch of Yum's Whole Wheat Honey Apple Bundt Cake. Looks so good!

Blog Goals:

7. Write two blog posts.

8. Work on my project plan for a new blog idea. (More on that later!) This week's questions: Wordpress or Blogger? or

Personal Goals:

9. Read Hebrews (chapters 6-11) in the Bible.

10. Listen to two chapters of Jane Austen's Emma with my Librivox app.

Number one and half of number 7 on m…

Common Trail Running Mistakes

After running three road marathons and one half marathon this year, I've been thinking about doing some trail running. But before heading out on the trails, I came across some common mistakes that road runners make when they hit the trails. Here's what you need to do to combat those mistakes.

Rather than go all out for a technical trail right away, start on easy trails like the fairly flat one I ran on in Scotland's Hazelhead Park (photo) while on vacation. Once you feel comfortable with the smooth trails, move on to technical trails with some rocks and roots. Shorten your stride. It may feel strange at first, but it will cause less of an impact on your body. Relax! If you run while tense, you're more likely to fall. Remind yourself to relax at each mile or water break.
Thinking about trail running makes me think about trail races. If I run one, I'll pick one that takes place at nearby Huntsville State Park (Texas) where I've run a couple of races including a h…

Blogger & Twitter Tips

Today I fixed a problem I was having with Blogger and I learned a Twitter tip, too.

First, I saved myself a headache by ignoring what Blogger told me to do. Instead, I did a Google search on the problem and found that I was not the only person experiencing trouble. That led to learning how to fix the problem.

The problem was that I wasn't able to make any changes to my blogger page from the design page. This message would pop up: the following errors were found: isExperimental: Required field must not be blank. If you are still having trouble, we recommend: Clear your browser's cache and cookies and then try again.

After a Google search, I found that I should go to the blogger draft page and click the gear icon which is located at the top right. Then I clicked "user settings" and removed the flag from "using draft blogger." This fixed my problem and saved me the trouble of clearing my browser's cache and cookies. 
Then I came across a Twitter tip. If yo…

2 Almond Butter Tips

Sure, you can buy almond butter from the store, but there's just something special about making it yourself.

First, you layer some almonds on a cookie sheet. (I use about a cup of almonds.) Then you bake them at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. Last of all, you place them in a food processor or heavy duty blender and blend them until they turn into almond butter. It's easy to make, but here are a couple of tips that will make the work even easier.

2 Almond Butter TipsUse roasted almonds. After using unroasted almonds a couple of times, I started using roasted ones and that cut the blending time down.  Be patient. It will probably take 10-15 minutes of blending to get the consistency that you want. For me, this is the only hard part about making almond butter.

The almond container in the photo is one I've saved to transfer bagged almonds into because it has a handy top that makes snacking on them convenient - a good thing because almonds are good for you.

Have you tried an…

3 Favorite Fitness Apps

Do you have any favorite fitness apps? Here are three apps that make it easier for me to eat right, to exercise and to keep track of my workouts.

Map My Run (MMR): Lately, I've been using this app to keep track of my running, riding and even walking my dog. I found some "challenges" in which I am entered for prizes depending on the kinds of workouts I do. For instance, I'm doing one where I could win some dog food for Zoe just for taking her for a run or a walk. On November 1, they're starting a new challenge in which you could win a $100 Amazon gift certificate for logging 30 minutes of daily exercise.
My Fitness Pal (MFP): This is great for keeping track of my calories, carbohydrates, protein, etc. You can use the phone app to scan UPC codes from items you're eating to make it really easy to input your food.
Nike Training Club (NTC): Having this app on my phone makes it easy to do a workout anywhere. There are a number of workouts to choose from and it's …

Road Trip From Utah to Texas

The day after I ran the St. George Marathon, my husband and I drove to Park City, Utah. Somehow I managed to keep up with him on our downhill and uphill walk through the historic town. He even told me that he could hardly tell that I had just run a marathon. I wondered if he was just being nice because I was still pretty sore. I tried not to cry too hard when I saw that the restaurant where we ate had a restroom down a long flight of stairs!

From there, we drove to the Park City Ski Resort. I think that I must have been ice cream depleted after all of my marathon training because right after finishing the marathon, I ate an ice cream sandwich. The next day, ice cream still sounded good so we sat in the warm sun and ate ice cream while watching people glide up and down the mountain on a zip line. It was a great afternoon.

Originally, we had planned to drive up to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons after the marathon, but because the national parks were closed, we had to make some change…

Durango Highlights

On my recent vacation, besides running the St. George Marathon on October 5, my husband and I did some sight seeing. Our stop in Durango, Colorado, was a highlight of our trip. On our first day there, we were amazed by the fall colors: golden, orange and red. We liked walking through historic downtown Durango where we ate delicious Fired Up Pizza.

The next day, we drove to Vallecito Trail, which is close to town. That's where we began our 4-5 hour hike only four days after I ran the marathon. I was a little sore, but it was probably good for me to stretch my legs. The river was a beautiful blue-green and the views were wonderful. We crossed a creek while balancing on a log. My marathon legs were a little wobbly, but I didn't fall in!

After 3 1/2 miles of hiking, we stopped at a turn around point to eat the sandwiches, nuts and fruit we picked up at a grocery store. You can't beat having lunch while sitting on boulders overlooking a rushing river!

The next day, it snowed! …

Arizona Car Camping Adventure

On the way from our home in Texas to the St. George Marathon, in Utah, my husband and I stopped at his sister's property in Williams, Arizona, which is just a few miles from the Grand Canyon. No one else would be there, but it was a perfect place to stop on the way and car camp. Here's what happened two nights before my marathon - that night that they say is so important to get a good night's sleep for a marathoner!

After two days of driving, we set up camp by attaching our car tent to the back of our car. After being amazed at the sky full of stars, I climbed into my sleeping bag and quickly fell asleep. I heard my husband get up in the middle of the night to air up our mattress that we were sleeping on and then to fiddle with our broken portable heater.

Then I woke up because my toes were so numb from the cold. I got up and crawled out of my sleeping bag to find my hand warmers and slipped them into my socks, but the hand warmers didn't feel warm. I wondered if it w…

St. George Marathon Report

Last Saturday, I ran theSt. George Marathon. Coming in at 4:35:01, it was one of my slowest races, but because I wasn't even sure if I'd be able to finish because of some previous leg pain, I'm especially happy to report that I did indeed finish.

Plus, among the five marathoners named Tina, I came in at second place!

Course: You've probably heard the course is a net downhill, but there are some uphills. The uphills in the second quarter of the race did me in. By the time, the easier section came along with lots of downhills, I was worn out.

Weather/Clothes: At the start, runners were wrapped in foil blankets and stood around fire pits. I wore arm warmers and a jacket that I could bag up and throw to the side of the road during the first 6 miles of the race and pick up after the race. At the beginning, I carried hand warmers. Towards the end, people were handing out cold wash cloths and popsicles. I was never uncomfortably warm in my running skirt and tank top.


Almost Marathon Time!

I'm getting packed to go to Utah for the St. George Marathon (October 5). Since I haven't trained as much as I would have liked (leg trouble!), I'm even more uncertain about the race than usual. Whatever happens, I know I'll have fun. That's because I've been to Utah before and I know it's a beautiful state.

Recently, I conducted a marathon breakfast test before one of my runs. I liked what I ate and my run went well.

I got the idea for eating fruit in a pouch from the Powerbar pouches. Baby Food by Another Name compares those pouches and baby food pouches, which are cheaper. You can find fruit pouches made for all ages. They would be a good travel snack, especially when it's hard to find fresh fruit.Peanut butter pouches are great for taking on trips, too. Banana bread is a favorite of mine and I'll bring some on our trip. I like this Cooking Light recipe that uses yogurt, but I change it by using 2 cups bananas and cutting the sugar down to 2/3 cu…

Not Your Normal Taper

Unfortunately, I've done very little running lately. My left leg started bothering me a few weeks ago. That means that the St. George Marathon, held on October 5, might not go as planned.

I started decreasing my miles on the first day that I had trouble with my leg, seven weeks before race day. Coach Jenny Hadfield says older runners may need as many as four weeks of tapering in Do You Make These Four Tapering Mistakes? That makes me feel a little better about my very long taper.

Four years ago, I completed a marathon after having heel pain for two weeks. I stood at the start line not knowing if I'd make it two miles, but I finished. I'm hopeful that I'll finish this race, too.

Whatever happens, at least the scenery will be great there in Utah!

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Okay, time to foam roll and to read some more race recaps...

Running Skirt by Skirt Sports

I really like my Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra Skirt. I have another Skirt Sports skirt - the Adventure Girl skirt. They're both good skirts. The Gym Girl Ultra has 2 pockets and the Skirt Sports Women's Adventure Girl Skirt has 5 pockets.If I need lots of pockets, I wear the Adventure skirt. If not, I stick with the Gym Girl Ultra.

The Gym Girl Ultra has regular polyester/Spandex fabric that I prefer over the Adventure Girl. The Adventure Girl Skirt feels like crepe fabric and is made from recycled coffee grounds, which surprised me.
I like the length of the Gym Girl Ultra Skirt. The front length is 13.5-Inch with a back length of 14.5-Inch. The inner shorts cover me modestly with a 5” inseam. In the shorties, there are 2 pockets where I carry gels and my phone.
I bought the Gym Girl Ultra Skirt for $30 in July, but the price fluctuates quite a bit - even between colors. If the price is higher now, you might want to put it in your Amazon wish list and see if the pric…