Will Stop (Running) for Deer!

I Spy Two Deer!

Monday (2/4) - When I was out running in the park, I looked up to find three deer running in the same direction that I was running. When they saw me, they stopped to stare and I grabbed my phone to take pictures. I followed them over to the creek area on the side of the park to get the photo. 5 miles with miles 2, 3, and 4 at 9:07, 8:53, 8:53/mi. pace. Goal pace was 9:09 or better.

Tuesday- strength training/core work

Wednesday- 5 miles with 4 x 800 m. with 90 second rests. My 800's weren't as fast as I wanted: 9:15, 9:07, 9:10, and 8:53/mile. A 4 hour marathon pace is 9:09/mile, to give this some perspective.

Thursday- I saw another deer! Wow, you might think I live in the woods with all of the deer I've seen this week! 4 miles and strength training/core work.

Friday (2/8) - 9 miles. I ate some oatmeal topped with cinnamon and raisins before I ran, but at mile 2, all that I could think about was my empty stomach and my heavy legs. I told myself that I'd feel better after I stopped for a drink of water, only half believing myself, but I really did feel better!

My Weimaraner ran 7.5 miles with me. I dropped her off at home and then I picked up the speed: 9:34 (1 mile) and 9:07 (last 1/2 mile). Overall pace: 10:01.

Last 5 Days: 4 runs, 23 miles of running, 2 days strength/core work, 18 peanut M&M's, and 4 deer!


  1. What's with all the deer? That oatmeal sounds heavenly. I must be hungry.

    1. When I run, I keep looking into the woods for them. Makes it more fun!

    2. My husband is jealous. He loves seeing deer when we are in the mountains hiking or camping. What fun running buddies you have!

  2. How fun to see all these deers :) makes the run more interesting!

  3. Great week of training! Nice that you get to see deer...maybe some new running partners :)

  4. Anonymous2/11/2013

    Great runs the week!!!

  5. How nice that your dog will run that far with you! When I first started running, our Aussie joined me, and I was thankful for what I hoped would be a rattlesnake deterrent! But she rarely joins me any more. I think I run too far for her now, especially since her last run in with an automobile!

    1. A run in with an automobile? How terrible!

  6. SO NEAT! i saw three young deer on monday's run! they were SO close - the closest i've been to any deer. i wished so badly i had my phone with me! how neat you are seeing them, too! i had heavy legs in dec. i think all the miles and back to back marathons were catching up to me. i guess reducing my miles due to our move has been a good thing! i hope you start to feel back to your fast self, soon!


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