Bob Potts Marathon Recap

Crossing the Finish Line

I finished my 14th marathon! It was a great race dayI ran the Bob Potts Marathon in York, Pennsylvania. I chose that marathon because my husband needed to make a trip to PA and I thought it would be fun to run a marathon there. We visited some historical places like Gettysburg, Valley Forge, and DC, too.

Date: May 26, 2013

Results: This race is gun timed and the finishing clock showed 3:58:11.

Course: From the race page: "Our race is fast and flat! See the beautiful scenery of this historic trail (Heritage Rail Trail) along a railroad line. This is the same line that took Abraham Lincoln to Gettysburg to deliver his address."

Course: What I say (!): This course has rolling hills. (I'm from the Houston area and any slight hill is a hill to me!) I didn't notice the uphills until I was running the last half and noticed how often I ran downhill. The hill to the finish line is short, but terrible. It was the only bad hill, though. The hills were kind of a nice change from boring flatness. The course was mostly shaded. I saw woods, creeks, goats, horses, cows and I ran through a tunnel. Most of the course was a crushed rock surface.

Waving at the Marathon Start

Weather/Clothes: Nice weather: temps from 40-55 and clear skies.

Volunteers and Spectators: So thankful for them! I didn't have music, but the water stops, volunteers, spectators and keeping track of my time kept me occupied.

Parking: I don't think that the 500 or so runners had any trouble parking at the college where the race started and finished.

Expo: If I had needed something for the race, they probably would have had it even though the expo was tiny. They sold gels, Spibelts, Nathan water bottles, etc.

Fuel Pre-run: pancakes with jam

Race Shirt and Race Fuel

Fuel During Race: 6 Tri-berry GU gels taken at miles 4, 8, 12, 15, 18, 22; 1 pkg salty margarita Clif Shot Blocks taken between gels (total taken: 6 pieces). This was more fuel than I have ever taken during a marathon - an experiment!

Post-marathon Food: They provided pizza, but the banana and soft salty pretzels sounded best to me. I had some milk, too.

Unplanned Occurrences: I slowed quite a bit each time I ran through the dark tunnel. During the last few miles, my body wanted to veer/fall to my leftI think this has happened before. The last mile was the hardest. It felt too quiet  - the crowd was waiting at the finish line where I couldn't see them. All I had to do was make it up the hill, but that seemed so hard.  

To Improve: I needed 3:54:02 to PR and 3:55 to BQ. My goal is to do one or both of those someday!

Water Bottle Hand-off: Mile 20?

It's the Little Things: My husband met me during the race to take the Nathan hand held water bottle and to give me a fresh one. Although there were plenty of water stops, it was nice not to have to stop (except once) to grab water.

The race is an out and back. I like to see the runner's faces and to cheer for other runners. One woman who I had only seen from the back for miles was smiling to herself. I knew she was having a good race. Update: She won 2nd place in the 50-54 age group with a finish of about 3:56!

One other woman came up from behind me and said something about how we had been running nearby for awhile, but I didn't recognize her until she ran ahead and I saw the soles of her shoes! I realized that I had been staring at them for the first few miles.

I Finished my 14th Marathon!

Now I've run a marathon in 7 states. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to run another marathon. It felt so great to finish and get that medal!


  1. Congratulations Tina on #14...great job! I love how the flat courses are never flat :) Nice job.

  2. what a wonderful recap! i love the stories of the other runners - the running camaraderie - it's like family!

    what a FANTASTIC time! so so close to BQ. i know you've got it in your near future. that is just amazingly FAST!!

    enjoy your rest and recovery time :) so happy for you!!

  3. Way to go Tina! Looks like it was beautiful day and how nice to run on a rail trail! It is so neat you try to incorporate a race into Eric's work travels and then get to see new areas you wouldn't otherwise see!

  4. Great job! We have an office in York, but I've never been there. Maybe I'll have to consider this run. Great job!

  5. Congratulations on #14! Great time and great way to fight through to the Finish Line! I had some struggles from Mile 24 to the Finish in my race but fought through it! You will get another BQ or PR since you consistently run those sub fours!

  6. Well done Tina! Sub 4 is great and you're so close to a BQ - maybe in your 15th marathon!

  7. Sounds like you had a great day!

  8. Congrats!!! It sounds like you had a good and trip! Enjoy your rest!!

  9. Congratulations! It's so nice to visit somewhere and enjoy the scenery on foot, collecting a well deserved medal at the end. :)
    You'll get that PR soon and most def. will be at Boston.

  10. Congratulations on #14, that is amazing. I cannot believe how similar our running is, I finished the Mountains 2 Beach marathon on Sunday in 3:58:23! I was way off my BQ time, but you are so close! You will get it soon.

  11. Congratulations, Tina! I love reading your race reports!

  12. Congratulations! You did great and you will absolutely get that PR!

  13. I've never heard of that marathon, that's pretty cool you did it. Congratulations!!

  14. Great job! I love the shirt!

  15. Wow! 14 marathons is amazing! It sounds like it was a fun race. Thanks for the inspiration! ;-)

  16. 14?!?! And such a strong race - CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  17. Anonymous6/17/2013

    Congrats!!! What a great finish time!!!

  18. Anonymous7/10/2013

    Wow! 14th Marathon! That is so great! I'm training for my first and I'm hoping I'll be running many more. Any tips for a first-timer?

    1. Here's one tip: during hard training days, remind yourself of the reasons that you decided to run a marathon.

      Have fun training for your first one!


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