From Pittsburgh to DC

I'm on vacation! We had dinner in DC tonight and my husband proved he's more fun than I am. He talked me into renting bikes today rather than waiting until tomorrow. We rode over to the National Mall. (That's me at the WWII Memorial.)

We were able to see much more than we could have had we been walking: the Lincoln Memorial, the White House and Washington Monument. We didn't have time to see everything at the National Mall, but there's always tomorrow. 

I didn't realize how pretty Pennsylvania is with green hills and woods, too. It was a scenic drive to DC from Pittsburgh. We stopped at Fort Ligonier for a history lesson.

We also stopped by the Flight 93 Memorial - a solemn visit to remember the heroes on that flight. Being there was a good reminder to keep their families in our prayers. It's a nice memorial with each person's name on the wall.

As far as marathon preparation goes for the marathon I'm running this weekend, I'm carb loading, but trying not to overeat. It's a fine line. Tomorrow I get to run in DC!


  1. Enjoy the trip!! The bikes look too fun. What a great idea :)

    You are right about the is a fine line. haha!

  2. Very jealous you get to run in DC. Take lots of pictures.

  3. Looks great, have a wonderful time (and race)

  4. Looks like so much fun! I love bike tours. I read Todd Beamer's wife's book--it was so good!

  5. wow... i had not seen a pic of the PA memorial before.


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