Running in Pittsburgh

I'm in Pittsburgh! When I learned that my husband and I would be going to Pittsburgh, I found a marathon in York, PA, which I'm running this weekend!

I ran 6 easy miles on Tuesday and 7 miles on Wednesday. 2.5 of those 7 miles was done on the treadmill because I wanted to get down to marathon pace and it's so warm outside.

I ran through downtown Pittsburgh each day in order to get to North Shore Riverfront Park where I ran along the Allegheny River. Running through downtown was not good - lots of stopping, lots of smokers. And it was good, too - the architecture is really interesting because of old buildings like the county courthouse built in 1888. I ran on bright yellow suspension bridges over the Allegheny river and then along the river.

I did touristy things when I ran. I took pictures of the Canadian geese with their little ones. It's my first time to see some in person.

I ran over to Point State Park where the Ohio, Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers meet. I was happy to find the Block House, which was used during the French and Indian war in the mid 1700's, a trading post and a home. I was even able to go inside!

We ate at Primanti Bros., which we had seen on a TV show. They put fries and cole slaw right on your sandwich like they used to for the truckers who needed a meal they could hold in their hand.

I took the top picture from the south side of the city overlooking the Monongahela River. That's where we found the Milkshake Factory. I recommend the "piece of cake" flavor. If you live too far away from The Milkshake Factory, mix chocolate sauce and some cake into homemade ice cream at home and you're good!

I hear it may actually be cool on race day morning!


  1. Good luck this weekend, have a great race!

  2. Wishing you great weather and a great race. I would love to plan a vacation that includes a race someday. Have a great trip!

  3. Wow, whatever will you do without humidity??? Enjoy your weekend trip and have an awesome race!

  4. LOve all the pictures, looks very pretty!


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