The Day Before the Marathon

My trip to the marathon continues... I ran a short 3 miles in DC before we left DC on Saturday. I ran by the White House and the Washington Monument. My legs were happy - not too tired from all of the biking my husband and I did in the last two days.

On our way out of DC, we saw Arlington Cemetery and then we drove out through the green and wooded Lincoln Highway and on to York, Pennsylvania and went to the Bob Potts Marathon Expo. It was tiny, but that was good. I didn't need to walk anymore that day.

After a pancake dinner at Cracker Barrel, I hit the hay. I tried hard to carb load for three days before the race, but I just could not eat as many carbohydrates as I had hoped I would. I drank Gatorade, a blueberry  scone from the Washington DC farmer's market (yum!), lots of bread and pancakes.

Of course, I woke up through the night to check the clock to make sure that I didn't sleep through the alarm. I think everyone does that! Then I finally woke up a few minutes before the alarm went off at 3:50 in order to get to the starting line by the 6AM start time.

It's getting hard to keep the days and trips straight, but I'm jumping ahead a bit! After the marathon, we went to Valley Forge. That house in the photo was used as officer's quarters. I loved the green rolling hills there and in many places that we saw on this trip through Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and DC. There were many walkers, runners and bikers enjoying the trails at Valley Forge.


  1. Valley Forge and Gettysburg are so beautiful! I am eyeing that Gettsyburg marathon for one day down the road...

    Sounds like you had enough carbs even though you felt heavy the last 5 miles. That could've been "hitting the wall" so to say!

  2. Sounds like a great trip. Hope the marathon went well.


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