High Temps Vs. High Humidity

After not finishing my planned miles on Friday because it was hot, I decided to walk or sit before I felt like I'd collapse from now on! The photo shows one of my rest stops along my running route.

I'm usually a morning runner, but Saturday night I ran 6.6 miles when it was 95 degrees (with lower humidity than earlier). I wanted to see if running later in the day was easier than running on a humid morning. I sweat and drank less than usual, but after only one try, I'm not sure which is less difficult. My pace was about the same Saturday and today. 

This morning I ran 8 miles in high humidity (90%) and 80* (maybe). I ran up a couple of hills (need hill info?) and did a few strides - the goal was to speed up towards the end on all of those. Hopefully, the next time I do these, I can increase the reps and the speed at the end, too. 

Before Saturday's and today's run, I did some strength training using Sculpt Your Arms and Core Exercises. At least the heat can't keep me from a good, hard workout inside! 


  1. Way to go, it's hard to workout in the heat!

  2. Way to not let the heat and humidity stop you from doin' work!! :)
    Great job!! :)

  3. heat and humidity both suck!!!!!!

  4. Knowing you are in Houston, I have wanted to confer with you on dealing with the heat and humidity. I haven't been able to run more than three miles since it warmed up here. Before that, I was regularly running five or six miles. I've read Scott Fishman's post and other info about acclimation, and I've decided I must be more sensitive to the heat than many runners are. I got a trial membership to a local gym and ran five miles on the treadmill on Saturday! I was so glad because I was worried that my fitness had suffered. I am hoping to run my first half marathon in the fall, and I know I need to get my distances up sooner than waiting for a change in temperature will allow.

    1. It's really good that you had a good treadmill run after some tough outside running. My body is not in any hurry to acclimate either, but I'll try to stay optimistic, hoping that I'll have similar results when fall comes around. (I used to train on a treadmill during the summer, but I sold mine when I moved.) Thanks for sharing!

      Here's a link to the acclimation post:

  5. You are braver than me! Kudos to running in some less than comfortable weather! I prefer to do my long runs in the mornings before it gets too hot. When they are short runs, I either do a treadmill run or wait until the sun starts to set.

  6. I am in Florida and it's been brutal. I prefer to go out around 6am (earlier if necessary), and I find that without the sun beating down, I can deal with the humidity. Fall will be here soon!

  7. Good for you. I don't even like running when it's 75 degrees.

  8. Great training there, well done! The heat and humidity makes it very hard but you'll get stronger and stronger.

  9. The heat and humidity numbers just sound crazy to me. Good for you for persevering through the weather. And yay for doing arm and core exercises.

  10. humidity is seriously a game changer. i've mentally really struggled with that since moving to florida, but I'm finally starting to accept it...embrace it maybe...love it nahhh

  11. Wow, 95 is no joke!! I've found I have to wait for the sun to go down in those temps. If the sun touches my skin when it's that hot I feel ready to die!

  12. I've been wondering the same thing- is the heat or humidity better? They are both SO difficult!!

  13. The humidity in the morning is tough, but I have a harder time running in the evening with the warmer temps. I think I am so used to running in the dark, that just running in the daylight seems harder, lol!


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