Post-Long Run Drink

Peanut Butter Banana Drink
It's still hard for me to believe that I lost my honey while I was running today.

I had put some honey and water (5 oz total) in a small flask (similar to this one) and put it in my handheld water bottle pocket. When it was time for some honey, I pulled the flask out of the pocket and it was empty.

I had noticed a few drips, but I thought it was the condensation on my bottle. Fortunately, it didn't make too much of a mess and from now on, I'll be double checking my lids. I was close to home so ran home and picked up some Powerbar Kona gels and a few pretzels to get me through my run.

After today's 12.31 mile run (even .01 counts when it gets up to 90 degrees!), I drank my Peanut Butter Banana Drink: 3/4 of a frozen banana (break up bananas and keep the pieces in a plastic bag in the freezer), 1/2 TB. peanut butter and a cup of milk. It has a 3:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein. The ratio of 3:1 or 4:1 is what you want to aim for after a hard workout. For more on that, see What Runners Should Know About Protein.

Do you have a favorite healthy post-run food/drink?


  1. I completely agree that every step counts in the Texas heat! Well done! Sorry you lost your honey. Your recovery drinks sounds like a must try.

  2. I drink some Gatorade or Nuun and some kind of Kind or Luna Bar.

    Sorry about the honey. :(

  3. That's a perfect recovery drink. I often get home in time for breakfast but after a long run, I prefer a smoothie too. Ugh- so hot these days. Yes, that .1 counts!!

  4. That smoothie sounds yummy post run. I can't believe you brave those hot temps. You will be ready for St. George!

  5. Yes, I drink a big glass of carbonated water.

  6. Anonymous6/30/2013

    After our long runs I usually get a fruit smoothie with protein - love it!! Chocolate milk is good too.

  7. I do one with coconut water, banana and protein powder! Good job on your run in that heat!

  8. Hmm, that drink actually sounds good to me (unlike most others that people talk about LOL). I should try it!

    Bummer about the honey. I can't believe it didn't make a sticky mess!

  9. With honey water dripping out of the bottle you carried, I'm surprised you didn't have a long line of bees following you on your run ;)

  10. The banana/peanut butter combination is my favorite pre and post run, whether it be on toast or in a smoothie. Toss in a little chocolate milk -- perfect!


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