18 Mile Run & Links

This week's long run was a good one. Besides some sluggishness in mile 2 and mild leg aches halfway through, it went well.

Temps: The normal - warm! 80-86 degrees with a "real feel" as high as 100. It was humid. When the sun was shining brightly, I ran back and forth along a 0.6 mile shaded path at the park. Not as boring as it sounds! That's where I saw...

Nature Sightings: a turtle and three deer. I ran to the top of a hill a few times where I could see a creek.

Running Fuel: Pre-run: apple cinnamon oatmeal with raisins. During: I drank Gatorade until mile 7 when I started taking Clif Shot gels (total on the run: 2 raspberry and 1 delicious mocha flavor). I had another gel at mile 11 and then again at mile 15. Maybe the caffeine in the mocha gel I took at mile 11 dulled my minor leg aches. (Read this research study for more on that.)

My Blog: I learned how to add watermarks. I know everyone wants to steal my photo a cutting board! I played around in Picassa where my photos are kept, clicking on a photo for my blog, going to "actions", "edit in creative kit" and then clicking on "text" to add the watermark. Pretty easy!

Links :

Greek Salad Dressing This is delicious!

Exercise Reorganizes the Brain to Be More Resilient to Stress

Clif Shot Gels: Ultrarunner on Taking in Fuel/or Not During Training (in comments) I'm going to experiment with eating fewer gels.

Myth: The older you are, the longer it takes to recover - Whenever I have an especially hard day, I wonder if the myth is true... And then my next run turns out fine after all!


  1. Great long run, well done! I must learn more about blog and photo editing but always find something else to do.

  2. Congrats on the 18 miler! I can't imagine running the whole thing on a 0.6 mile path. I am totally impressed.

  3. Good run. I'll take note of your tips since I have to tackle the distance this coming Saturday. If it's still so hot and humid, I might skip one mile at the end.

  4. I am not sure how you survive that heat! I am complaining when it is over 75 degrees! Great job on your 18 mile run!

  5. Congrats on that run. That's a huge accomplishment!

  6. I didn't know you could add watermarks to photos individually! I had it set up to watermark every photo in a certain album, but that go annoying when the watermark covered something important. Thanks for the tip!

  7. I didn't know how to watermark either, so thanks for that.

  8. I didn't know that about caffeine. Great run!

  9. Anonymous7/21/2013

    Good job on your long run! Thanks for the tip with the water mark, I was thinking about that too.


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