Less Running & More Recipes

The Microwaved Cookie Experiment
When it comes to running, there's good and there's bad.

The Good: 

  1. I spotted my first bald eagle while I was on a run. I took a ton of pictures, but they all look like I took a picture of a speck in the top of a tree.
  2. I ran 4 pain-free miles yesterday.
  3. I ran 3.5 miles today. I stopped when I felt a slight twinge in my leg, just to be safe.

The Bad: 

  1. I've been running less than usual the last two weeks because one of my legs feels funny when I run - like it is going to give out on me. 

Focus on Other Things

It would be disappointing to not be able to run the marathon I'm training for (5 weeks until race day), but I know it wouldn't be the end of the world. Since I've been running less, I've focused on other things. We had family visiting and someone had to show them the last three years of our vacation photos, complete with commentary, and to make them some Cake Batter Truffles, which I think they liked even better than "Picture Night"!

Cheesy Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole - no canned soup!
Plus, I made some cookies because one can never have too many cookies. (I like to freeze some of them to save them for long run days.) There was good and there was bad with the cookies, too.

Bad Cookies

I performed a Microwaved Breakfast Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Experiment with 3 different recipes. They all produced tough, rubbery cookies. You don't really need links to those! However, no-bake cookies are a different story...

Good Cookies 

I liked Chocolate Peanut Butter No-bake Cookies with chia seeds. I used only 1/4 of the amount of honey called for in the recipe. To make them, I also used the wheat germ that I won from Fitness, Health & Happiness!

More recipes can be found on my Pinterest page. How do you organize your recipes? On Pinterest? In your kitchen junk drawer? I have a couple in that drawer, too!


  1. Oh no. Sorry about your leg. What a strange feeling like it is going to give out. Way to take it easy.

  2. Sending you good healing vibes! St. George looks like a gorgeous race, so I hope you're able to get there OK. Nice job listening to your body - not always easy to do!

  3. My leg sometimes gives out on me, for no apparent reason, but only very occasionally and is OK again almost immediately so it never stops me running. It gives me no warning but fortunately never anywhere critical, like walking/running down stairs, or I could be in trouble!
    Hope everything comes right for your forthcoming marathon... Looks like you might have started carbo loading already!

  4. Hi Tina! I have had that feeling occasionally over the years - mine is usually a dull ache in my lower leg - shin and calf area. Not shin splints or anything like that - just an odd ache that also has that feeling of collapsing. Haven't been able to figure out what it is, for sure, but have found that rolling my IT band, quads, and stretching my hamstrings seems to help when it flares up. I know what it feels like so I am feeling your frustration! Have you ever made Monster Cookies? I tried my first batch this week and they are GOOD!!! :-)

  5. Ooh! I've had that feeling where it feels like something's going to give. Not good. I hope everything heals up quickly for you.
    We have lots of bald eagles around here but I still get a thrill seeing them. They're so majestic!

  6. I wonder if you are having a nerve issue...that is how my legs feel when my hips get out of alignment.

    The recipes sound tasty! I keep most of mine on Allrecipes.com in my "recipe box" on there, but some are on Pinterest.

  7. You are playing smart! I know it is a tough thing to do right before a big race. Rest it and I am sure you will be fine for St. George. I have never seen a bald eagle before. We get really excited just seeing hawks!

  8. So sorry about your leg. I had to pull out of a marathon last year and it was frustrating.

  9. Seeing the bald eagle must have been awesome. Good luck with things going well with your leg.

  10. Darn about your leg. I'm hoping it feels better quickly. Your recipes look amazing. Can't wait to try them out!

  11. Sorry to hear you are having leg trouble! Hopefully the rest will help!

  12. Hope that leg gets better. I find that when I get about a month out from my race, I get all sorts of "ghost" pains. Hope yours is only a ghost.


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