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Almost Marathon Time!

I'm getting packed to go to Utah for the St. George Marathon (October 5). Since I haven't trained as much as I would have liked (leg trouble!), I'm even more uncertain about the race than usual. Whatever happens, I know I'll have fun. That's because I've been to Utah before and I know it's a beautiful state.

Recently, I conducted a marathon breakfast test before one of my runs. I liked what I ate and my run went well.

I got the idea for eating fruit in a pouch from the Powerbar pouches. Baby Food by Another Name compares those pouches and baby food pouches, which are cheaper. You can find fruit pouches made for all ages. They would be a good travel snack, especially when it's hard to find fresh fruit.Peanut butter pouches are great for taking on trips, too. Banana bread is a favorite of mine and I'll bring some on our trip. I like this Cooking Light recipe that uses yogurt, but I change it by using 2 cups bananas and cutting the sugar down to 2/3 cu…

Not Your Normal Taper

Unfortunately, I've done very little running lately. My left leg started bothering me a few weeks ago. That means that the St. George Marathon, held on October 5, might not go as planned.

I started decreasing my miles on the first day that I had trouble with my leg, seven weeks before race day. Coach Jenny Hadfield says older runners may need as many as four weeks of tapering in Do You Make These Four Tapering Mistakes? That makes me feel a little better about my very long taper.

Four years ago, I completed a marathon after having heel pain for two weeks. I stood at the start line not knowing if I'd make it two miles, but I finished. I'm hopeful that I'll finish this race, too.

Whatever happens, at least the scenery will be great there in Utah!

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Okay, time to foam roll and to read some more race recaps...

Running Skirt by Skirt Sports

I really like my Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra Skirt. I have another Skirt Sports skirt - the Adventure Girl skirt. They're both good skirts. The Gym Girl Ultra has 2 pockets and the Skirt Sports Women's Adventure Girl Skirt has 5 pockets.If I need lots of pockets, I wear the Adventure skirt. If not, I stick with the Gym Girl Ultra.

The Gym Girl Ultra has regular polyester/Spandex fabric that I prefer over the Adventure Girl. The Adventure Girl Skirt feels like crepe fabric and is made from recycled coffee grounds, which surprised me.
I like the length of the Gym Girl Ultra Skirt. The front length is 13.5-Inch with a back length of 14.5-Inch. The inner shorts cover me modestly with a 5” inseam. In the shorties, there are 2 pockets where I carry gels and my phone.
I bought the Gym Girl Ultra Skirt for $30 in July, but the price fluctuates quite a bit - even between colors. If the price is higher now, you might want to put it in your Amazon wish list and see if the pric…

Easy Running, Easy Tuna Casserole

I'm training for the St. George Marathon, in Utah on October 5, but my left leg has felt off for the last three weeks so I'm running a lot less than I'd like to in order to let it heal. Hopefully, I'll be crossing my 15th marathon finish line very soon.

Monday - 6 mile run. I felt a minor pain in my leg at 3.5 miles so I took 1-2 minute walk breaks every 5 minutes. 

Tuesday - I walked my dog (included a 0.5 mile run). Strength training. (I'm still doing 100 push-ups divided into 5 sets throughout the day on most days.) Biked 30 minutes. Saw an armadillo, rabbits and a bright red Cardinal.

Wednesday - 5 mile run with 2 minute walk breaks every 0.5 mile starting at 3.5 miles. Strength training.

Thursday - 3.5 mile run with walk breaks. Strength training on the park fitness equipment. 

At the beginning of my run, I saw a mother and baby deer. Then I saw a bald eagle! 

Friday - No running. Maybe my unwell leg needs a day off from all exercise. Well, except for my daily100 pu…