Not Your Normal Taper

Unfortunately, I've done very little running lately. My left leg started bothering me a few weeks ago. That means that the St. George Marathon, held on October 5, might not go as planned.

I started decreasing my miles on the first day that I had trouble with my leg, seven weeks before race day. Coach Jenny Hadfield says older runners may need as many as four weeks of tapering in Do You Make These Four Tapering Mistakes? That makes me feel a little better about my very long taper.

Four years ago, I completed a marathon after having heel pain for two weeks. I stood at the start line not knowing if I'd make it two miles, but I finished. I'm hopeful that I'll finish this race, too.

Whatever happens, at least the scenery will be great there in Utah!

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Okay, time to foam roll and to read some more race recaps...


  1. What a bummer but it is what it is! You have the right attitude so just focus on finishing and there will always be another race to go after.

  2. Ooooh I hope your leg behaves and you're able to finish. As I get older the longer taper is sounding rather appealing. Ha!

  3. That's rough :( But you always seem to have a good sense about what you need to do, so I'm sure you'll do fine - no matter what happens.

    I wish you a solid race with no further injury!!! And a big smile at the finish :)

  4. Hopefully your leg co-operates like your foot did 4 years ago! If not, reset your goals and enjoy that amazing scenery instead!

  5. Good luck. I like your attitude of knowing you can enjoy the scenery but I have a feeling you'll finish it!

  6. Sorry you are having pain, but it sounds like mentally you are ready for whatever comes. It will be a beautiful run either way. :)

  7. Yes, the scenery will be amazing. I hope your leg cooperates and it ends up being a great race for you. And if not, as I keep reminding myself, there will always be another race...

  8. I tried the long taper in the spring when Life forced it on me....ran my best marathon ever with fresh legs so I'm a believer. Hope it works for you too!

  9. Enjoy the taper!!

  10. Such a good attitude. You'll enjoy the race more since you won't be putting a lot of expectations on your self.
    Come race day, I hope everything feels 100% for you and not only will you enjoy the scenery
    but be really pleased with your accomplishment. Can't wait to hear about it :)

  11. Enjoy the taper! Just started mine as well (3 weeks). I love the rest and getting all fit again before the big day. No taper madness for me!

  12. Take it easy and hopefully the leg benefits from the rest! Good luck in your marathon!

  13. Good luck - just be smart and don't do anything that will make any potential injuries worse!!


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