Running Skirt by Skirt Sports

I really like my Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra Skirt. I have another Skirt Sports skirt - the Adventure Girl skirt. They're both good skirts. The Gym Girl Ultra has 2 pockets and the Skirt Sports Women's Adventure Girl Skirt has 5 pockets. If I need lots of pockets, I wear the Adventure skirt. If not, I stick with the Gym Girl Ultra.

The Gym Girl Ultra has regular polyester/Spandex fabric that I prefer over the Adventure Girl. The Adventure Girl Skirt feels like crepe fabric and is made from recycled coffee grounds, which surprised me. 

I like the length of the Gym Girl Ultra Skirt. The front length is 13.5-Inch with a back length of 14.5-Inch. The inner shorts cover me modestly with a 5” inseam. In the shorties, there are 2 pockets where I carry gels and my phone.

I bought the Gym Girl Ultra Skirt at for $30 in July, but the price fluctuates quite a bit - even between colors. If the price is higher now, you might want to put it in your Amazon wish list and see if the price decreases. That's what I did. You can also find the skirt at for about $32.

The St.George Marathon is in 3 weeks. I'm still taking it much easier than I'd like to because I'm still having trouble with my left leg, but I'm hopeful that all will by well on race day. 


  1. Having so many pockets is really handy!

  2. I'm a big fan of running skirts. I used to run about 10 years ago and they didn't really exist back then, but now they're my go to running gear - so comfortable, modest, and cute too!
    I hope your leg improves quickly!

  3. Recycled coffee grounds? That is cool. Good luck with your marathon!

  4. Goodness, I hope your leg is perfectly healed in time for your marathon! I love their skirts too.

  5. Continued healing vibes heading your way for that leg!

  6. Good luck with your leg. I've suffered too many injuries this past year - it is frustrating. I love the skirts on others - I think I'm too tom-boy-ish they never look good on me!

  7. The LL Bean skirts are a bit longer and really comfy but only one pocket if you ever want to try those.
    Good luck with your leg.

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the LL Bean skirts!

  8. I hope your leg is feeling better in time for your marathon. You have done so well with your training. You are doing the right thing by slowing things down a bit.

  9. I love running skirts. Thanks for this review!

  10. I haven't found a running skirt that I love yet. Maybe I should try this brand! I don't care about pockets as much as plain old FIT.

  11. Those are so cute! Hope your leg is 100% soon... 3 weeks is so exciting!

  12. I love running skirts! Just 3 weeks to go. You must be getting so excited or totally nervous :)


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