2 Almond Butter Tips

Sure, you can buy almond butter from the store, but there's just something special about making it yourself.

First, you layer some almonds on a cookie sheet. (I use about a cup of almonds.) Then you bake them at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. Last of all, you place them in a food processor or heavy duty blender and blend them until they turn into almond butter. It's easy to make, but here are a couple of tips that will make the work even easier.

2 Almond Butter Tips

  • Use roasted almonds. After using unroasted almonds a couple of times, I started using roasted ones and that cut the blending time down.  
  • Be patient. It will probably take 10-15 minutes of blending to get the consistency that you want. For me, this is the only hard part about making almond butter.

The almond container in the photo is one I've saved to transfer bagged almonds into because it has a handy top that makes snacking on them convenient - a good thing because almonds are good for you.

Have you tried any add-ins when making nut butters? After scraping most of the almond butter out of the blender, I've added frozen banana pieces, cocoa powder and milk to make a smoothie. Also, I've left some almond butter in the food processor and added melted chocolate chips and salt like this recipe. If you need more information on making almond butter, this post may be helpful.

Have you ever made nut butter? Have any tips?


  1. I've never made nut butter but you have me intrigued here.

  2. I've never made it (except in a grocery store where you can grind your own), but I wonder if it would be good with some maple syrup blended in? I love Justin's Maple Almond Butter.

    1. Maple syrup and almond butter is a great idea!

  3. I am not sure I am patient enough to make my own, I do love almond butter though and it is so pricey!


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