Bobcats & BQ's!

I like to run up a hill in the woods near my house. From the top, I can see the creek in the picture. In the woods, I usually only have to keep an eye out for deer, snakes or maybe even a coyote, but I've heard that we have a bobcat living there now.

I always wondered what I'd do as a runner if I lived somewhere where there were bears or wild cats and now here I am in Texas with that very problem. I try to remember to look out for wild animals, but sometimes I forget. The other day I was startled when I looked up to see a very large turtle in my path. I sure was glad that it was just a turtle.

In my last post, I wrote about wanting to BQ. I'd love to qualify for Boston and to achieve more personal records, too, and I'll keep working on those goals. It's good motivation and since I love to run, it's fun. I hope that in 2013 or 2014 we are all able to meet our goals and find ourselves with shiny new PR's and BQ's.

It's pizza night at my house! Here's a photo of a thin crust pizza from Papa Murphy's Take and Bake. Before baking it, sometimes I add extra toppings. This time I made a special Thanksgiving piece with sweet potatoes, corn and turkey. I liked it!


  1. Yum! We have the same Papa Murphy's deal here. Love it! I never run on trails anywhere near dusk or dawn (which makes it difficult sometimes) because I am afraid of Mtn Lions! Bears not so much but the mountain lions freak me out!

  2. I like pizza! I have never though of adding sweet potatoes.. usually it's just feta or spinach. haha
    Yes... on to the quest of the BQ or PR! Best wishes to you in that :)

  3. What a breathtaking place you have to run...awesome... Have a great year!

  4. Be safe and keep a look out while you run. I'd love to have a place like that to run....umm...minus the hills and bobcat.

  5. Your title caught my eye because today is the 113th Brawl of the Wild here in Montana. It is the Montana State University Bobcats vs the University of Montana Grizzlies. Biggest rivalry in football in Montana. :) I thought wow I didn't know she was a fan! HAHA!

    I just found out there is a mama and a baby black bear that have been frequenting one of my running routes and all summer there was a mountain lion frequenting another of my running routes. UGH I am running out of options, next the freaking non natives wolves we were forced to import from Canada will be here and I will be stuck running on the dread mill. We have tons of coyotes out here but know they won't bother me, I am pretty sure if you see a Bobcat you are lucky too, they are very shy (except for our football team) and try to avoid people at all costs. I know mountain lions tend to hunt in the darker hours but it still freaks me out. Looks like a beautiful place to run!

  6. That is so funny that you came across a turtle! It's pizza night at our house too. Your toppings are creative and sound yummy!

  7. Be careful! It's too cold for much around here now. I know I'm tired because I read BQ and thought barbecue. That is pathetic.

  8. I see coyotes often and they don't bother me at all, but bobcats are nothing to mess with. Stay safe!


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