To BQ or Not to BQ

After posting my 10 goals last week, I checked every item off my list and more. That wasn't too hard since I chose realistic goals unlike some of the other goals I write about on my blog...

Like qualifying for the Boston Marathon. It's quite possible that my best time of 3:54:03 is my forever PR (personal record). At the time, I needed a 3:50:59 to BQ or to qualify for Boston. Last May, I ran a 3:58:11 (that's me in blue in the center of the photo) and in January, I ran a 4:00:29. I need at least a 3:55.

Actually, the time I need to beat is faster than 3:55 since the race fills up quickly. It's possible that my goal to BQ is out of my reach, but whether or not I ever BQ, I still love running. I've run in so many great marathons all over the U.S. already. In fact, the joy of ordinary running days is enough to keep me running all of my days - BQ or not!

I'm feeling better this week and got in a 6 mile run this morning after eating an English muffin topped with fruit jam and peanut butter. It was a great start for the week!

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  1. I hear you on those BQ thoughts. Sometimes I tell myself that I should just wait until I am 45 so I get that extra 10 minutes. I will also continue to enjoy running if Boston never happens for me!

  2. That's a tough call only you know the answer to in your heart of hearts. I can vouch for Boston that it's an experience I'm grateful to have had. If I were as close as you are now, I'd go for it now, rather than wait. The future is guaranteed to no one.

  3. BQ is nowhere in my plans, but I can see your dilemma. I hope you can find the answer and peace in that decision. <3

  4. I think it just depends on what running Boston would mean to you. You're so close that I have doubt you CAN do it, but it's a matter of whether or not you want to. I have a personal running goal I really want to achieve next year, but it's a big one and I don't know if I can do it - so I'm completely on the fence as well. But I have no doubt you have the ability to BQ.

  5. A BQ time seems like the marathon gold standard, even if you never actually run Boston. Best wishes in your pursuit! Just to qualify is a huge achievement I think.

    1. I'll keep trying because it's a fun challenge. And you're right, just qualifying would be huge!

  6. I used to think I really needed to BQ but for me realistically, I will probably never go to Boston anyway so I quit worrying about it. BUT if it is a major goal for you what's the harm in keeping at it? I say keep working on it :)

  7. You are so close to that BQ. I think you could do it! Keep working toward your goal, and believe in yourself!

  8. Congrats on meeting all your goals for last week. I love checking things off my list, it gives me such a feeling of accomplishment. Love this post, while I did have the blessing of qualifying once, it has since eluded me, so I can somewhat relate. But at the end of the day, what is important is that you simply love to run. :)

  9. Boston is so tough, but you are SO close! I have a good friend who tried to qualify for Boston 3 times and missed it by just a couple minutes each time. :-( However, this past year she hired a trainer and qualified for Boston with flying colors! I just think it's impressive that you're running a marathon...period. ;-)

  10. Meeting goals is very important to me as well. I have many long term goals that keeps me motivated to always train hard.

  11. Wow - to be so close must be hard. I am almost a full hour and a half to high which makes it much easier. It is not so close to reach.

  12. You are so close! It would be hard for me to not keep trying if I were that close, but I understand the thoughts you've put out on it. I feel the same about running, I love running, regardless if I could ever achieve a BQ. I wonder sometimes if after achieving a BQ and then running in Boston, does one think "what now"? It is the standard by which we measure the marathon, yet is it truly fulfilling? I don't know the answer :)

  13. Tina,
    I came to your blog through Jan's list of blogs.
    If you reach every goal you set then you are setting your standards too low but if you never reach any of your goals then you're setting the bar too high. It sounds like you have that perfect mix of sometimes you make it and sometimes you don't. The BQ is right there too. It's not unrealistic but it will be challenging. Good luck on your BQ attempt.

  14. Anonymous11/23/2013

    You are soooo close, don't give up just now. You WILL BQ, no doubt!!


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