Found: 5 Giveaways

I've won a few items online like my wool Point 6 socks from Run.Write.Hike. They are one of my favorite prizes. I can always use more socks and they're comfortable. 

Do you enter online contests? I've entered some giveaways recently that you might like to enter, too. I hope you win something!

5 Giveaways (approximate deadlines)

Organic Runner Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide (12/11)
Vera Bradley Bag (12/12/13)
Mizuno Shoes: Stuft Mama (12/13)
Premium Spiced Sugar Box  (12/16)
Blogging Course (12/17/13)

Weekly Recap 

I got in the 4 strength training sessions this week, one more than usual, but I only ran 4 days when I was really hoping to run 5 days. I was surprised that my thighs were so sore on Monday. Then I took Friday off from running because one of my my hip flexors was sore. 

Saturday - 7 mile run
Sunday - bike ride, strength training
Monday - rest
Tuesday - 4 mile run, strength training
Wednesday - 3 mile run
Thursday - 3 mile run, strength training
Friday - strength training

I ran 17 miles this week. I wish it was more miles, but I'd rather take it easy than have to take weeks off to recover. I'm looking forward to ramping up those miles this week.


  1. So glad you like the socks. They are my favorite! Thanks for the links to the giveaways-checking them out right now.

    1. I wore the other pair that I won in that giveaway on my run today, the knee high compression socks, because it was cold and I wanted as many layers as possible. I'm glad I did!

  2. I do enter contests if it's something that I really want. A couple of years ago, I won a $500 American Express gift card off of a food blog! I'm the person who never seems to win anything, so that was a huge surprise.

    1. Wow, $500 kind of makes up for almost never winning. How fun!

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the on going giveaways! I have entered a few in the past (including Amy's- you stole my socks!!) but I haven't ever won anything, yet.

  4. I enter contests and am so excited when I win!

    1. I know! I think it's especially fun receiving gifts that I can use for running or something I can eat.

  5. Hope your hips feel better and you can ramp up your miles again. I totally know that feeling of wanting to run more :) Hopefully it is just some soreness from strength work!

    1. Actually, I did have some little pains after doing some exercises at home. Plus, I was really sore after that 7 miler.

  6. I like entering giveaways. However, I love running them and getting to give away free stuff more.
    Watch out for one on my page this week - Mizunos:)


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