14 Mile Run - Done!

Yesterday we had a snow day here in southeast Texas. I'm not even sure that there was enough of it to call it snow, but it was fun to watch the tiny flurries fall even if it was only for a minute or two.

Since I'm training for The Woodlands Half Marathon (March 1) and I knew that it might snow on Tuesday, I did my long run on Monday.

The wind picked up about an hour into my 14 mile run. A friend passing by and yelled out to me, "It's windy!" Although it's hard to run into the wind, sometimes it helps. That's what I kept telling myself! Focusing on the good, I pushed into the wind, counting down the miles until I'd eat my next gel or make it to the turn-around point where the wind would once again be at my back.

Towards the end of my run, I ran with 1.5 miles at a hard pace. Like my 14 miler done a couple of weeks ago, I felt like I could have run farther.

While I was running, I heard a noise in the trees so I stopped to get a good look into the wooded area and realized that six deer were looking back at me. Half of them were young deer.

For energy, I ate English muffins with honey before the run and then at mile 4 and 9, I ate gels.

14 miles - that was my long run goal for this week. I've still got some bike riding, strength training and more running that I'm looking forward to doing, but I doubt that our fairly mild winter weather will be any trouble for the rest of the week.

I know many of you are tired of the snow and the cold, but I hope you're able to get your exercising done and that somehow you can survive all of the miles on the treadmills!  


  1. Sounds like a great run even with the wind and cold, well done! Awesome to see the deer. Keep it going!

  2. Great job with your training. Side note: I use to live in Texas when I was younger (northern part). I actually had to convince my husband that Yes, It Does snow in Texas. I remember one year we had enough to make snowmen ( and I have the pics to prove it)!

  3. Great attitude in the wind! I need to remember that. And great job on the run!

  4. Great job on your 14 miler - running in the wind it tough! That is too cool that you saw deer during your run as well! Just a few more weeks until race day! :0)

  5. Sounds like a great run, even with the wind. Definitely tired of the snow and cold up here....been a tough winter.

  6. always a great feeling when you have extra energy post long run!

  7. It is so icy here I am wondering how I can make it out to the gym or run outside. CHS is not used to this so everything is shut down. Great job getting in a windy run.

  8. Nice run! You are going to rock this half marathon.

  9. I used to live in the panhandle of TX (north of Lubbock) and it seemed like the wind always blew!!! The sad thing is there was no "turn around" with the wind behind - it was a swirling wind most of the time. I don't really miss that!!
    Great job getting the 14 miles done!!!

  10. Good job getting your longrun in around the weather. You are set for this one!

  11. Good job. I'm okay with the cold but not the extremes we're getting this year.

  12. Anonymous1/29/2014

    Lol was it literally a "snow day" in Texas? Like, did they cancel school? I always enjoy hearing about this (my boss lives in Texas and tells me they'll cancel school at the sight of one snowflake, but I've always thought it was an exaggeration), since I live in the Northeasf.

    1. School was cancelled and people were urged to stay home. There was some bad weather last week (ice) along with highway accidents so people were pretty careful this time. Weather prediction is a tricky thing!

  13. Nice job on a Monday!!! I love that kind of start to the week!

  14. This weather has been a crazy change of pace for us! Good job getting in your run!!

  15. Nice run! I would love your weather right now, but I know come July we might want to change roles :) Looking forward to reading your race report when it comes. You're really getting in some good miles, I'm sure your race is going to well!


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