Weekend Reads

Daily Goals

Do a Little Work Every Single Day, on Gretchen Rubin's blog, reminds me that it's easier for me to remember to do things that I do every day than it is for me to remember to do the things I only do occasionally. For instance, since I eat breakfast every day, I never forget. Remembering to do something on the same days of the week works for me, too, like doing strength training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I recently finished reading Gretchen's book, Happiness at HomeIt's an easy read and nice to pick up to read when you have a minute here and there.

Pro Nutrition Tips

Pro Athletes Don’t Diet, They Practice These 6 Racing Weight Steps, by Matt Fitzgerald, reminds me to eat high quality food, but not too much of it, not to fear carbs on workout days, to keep track of what I eat, to weigh myself, to eat more earlier in the day and less later in the day and to run easy often.

Blog Business

It's fun to dream about Blogging as a Business (FitFoodieFinds). Here's a day in the life post from a career blogger with facts about her sources of income and her schedule that involves a lot of kitchen duty.

And a Running Post, Of Course!

Here's another day in the life post. These are fun to read! Camille Herron, 11-time marathon winner, writes about how she runs 100-125 miles a week and works, too, with some help from her husband. From peanut butter in the morning to ice cream at night, she shares about what she eats, too.

Thank you, Blog Friends!

Thanks for helping me out with ideas and encouragement about my shortened long run in my last post! I still haven't made it up so I'll just call almost 8.5 miles a good run and try again next week. Sometimes your body needs extra rest and the next long run will probably be a good one, like last week's 14 miler.


  1. Hey, 8.5 is a great run! Don't sweat it (ha ha, literally) ok, maybe not so funny! Have a great weekend Tina!

    1. Speaking of sweat, we've had some chilly weather here in Texas lately so I'm not sweating nearly as much as I do in the summer time, or the fall or spring, either. It's been a nice change!

  2. Wow - totally obvious why Camille runs a 2:37 marathon - that is an intense day!!!
    Funny, just this week I've been working on doing a little something but I changed it to every hour. At the top of the hour I do a task on my list - sometimes it takes the entire hour and others not as long - then I can read a few more blogs. It has been a much more productive week!!!

    1. That's a great idea - treating yourself to blog reading after you've finished a chore. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you get to visit many more blogs today!

  3. I am super interested to see what she says and am heading to read Blogging as a Business now.

  4. Camille is a beast! I love her. I also love reading anything Matt Fitzgerald says about nutrition and running. I have his book Racing Weight. TOo bad I am not disciplined enough to follow any advice strictly; I like to follow loosely!

  5. Anonymous1/25/2014

    Thanks for linking to these blogs! I can't imagine running 125 miles a week on top of having a full-time job! It's hard enough for me to get in 20 miles a week!

  6. So glad to see you let the long run go.. Funny that is EXACTLY what I did last weekend.. planned for 14, but did 8. I just was so tired,, and up against the clock. The body will still remember the next time :)
    Looking forward to clicking the links!

  7. Anonymous1/26/2014

    Great links, thanks for sharing!!


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