3 Tips for a Long Run

I ran 17 miles yesterday. That's a little farther than I need to run while training for a half marathon, but I might decide to run a longer race after I run The Woodlands Half Marathon on March 1 and I want to be ready.

Long Run Tips I Used or Should Have Used Yesterday
  1. Pin a safety-pin to your waist band where you can attach your gloves if you don't need to wear them.
  2. Bring extra food.
  3. Remember the Body-glide!

Fuel for the Body

During my run, I ate a gel and decided I'd see how I'd do with just one. I was fine. I like to try different things when I run. I often take one gel every 5 miles during a race. I think I'll take oranges on a future run. In Nancy Clark's article about sports nutrition, she writes that oranges make a good workout fuel.

After my run, I refueled with a leftover grilled chicken avocado taco, beans and orange slices. I like to use Greek yogurt as a topping for extra calcium and protein.

A Good or a Bad Run?

There's no such thing as a bad run! One thing that I like about running when it's down in the 30's, but feels like the low 20's with the wind, is that it's like a test to see if I could still run outside if I lived in a colder climate. I was surprised that I was able to take off my gloves after running a few miles. The cold weather didn't bother me as much as I thought it would.

It was a good 17 miler without any aches or pains - except for a little chafing where I forgot to apply Body-glide. After I had run 11 miles, I was sure that I could finish. From that point on, I happily counted down the miles.


  1. The safety pin idea is brilliant. Why have I never thought of that?? I think you're right that there is no "bad" run--unless you skip!

  2. The cold weather doesn't usually bother me as much either (unless there is a lot of wind or precipitation). I usually warm up in just a few miles and then after that, it's a very comfortable temperature! Running in the Houston summers, though, is tough!

  3. That is a great idea for the gloves! I usually shove them down my tights, which is awkward, but its the best solution I have come up with so far. Way to go on knocking down 17!

    1. Hahaha!! this cracks me up! I have room in my sports bra :)

  4. Safety pin a fantastic idea....

  5. Yes, fuel and body glide are essential!

  6. That is a great idea about the safety pins. I usually just tuck mine in my coat pocket but I will use this idea during my races with my compression sleeves. If I don't want to wear them anymore I just take them off and pin them! Excellent! I will be passing this info on!

  7. Extra fuel is always a great tip.

  8. I'm planning on buying some arm sleeves this winter, and will use your safety pin idea when I do - it would be annoying to lose one!
    I had forgotten all about oranges for fuel, we used to have them at half-time during hockey games in my school days.
    Well done on your 17 mile run!

  9. Great idea about the safety pin for gloves!!!
    Do you know that I have never once used Body Glide? (in almost 30 years of running)

  10. Yes really once you get going it's not as bad as you think it will be running in cold weather is it? I adore the sunny twenties with little or no wind. Great run!

  11. Love the pin idea as I am always removing gloves. Glad to hear the 17 went well!

  12. I like that, after 11 I happily counted down the miles. It's always nice to be on the downward of a long run and the end is in sight :) I frequently have to take gloves off, even when it is super cold, after a couple miles my hands get heated!

  13. I like your style of recovery eating!! That looks delicious, Tina..
    A safety pin for gloves is a good idea. I usually don't take mine off, but spring runs start cold and finish warm.
    Glad to see you have some longer races in mind! ;)

  14. Great job! I have a long run tomorrow. Can't decide if I'm doing 16 or 17 miles (I'm sort of winging my plan right now). Maybe I'll take some oranges with me, that sounds good.

  15. Oh thanks for the safety pin tip! I need to remember that one. When I run with gloves, I always leave them on even when my hands get hot for fear of losing them if I take them off.

  16. Anonymous2/15/2014

    I absolutely loved the safety pin idea too. I'm afraid I may never get to run outside again...it seems like the snow will never end here in New England!

  17. Great tips! I usually just slip my gloves in my waistband - or for that long of a run, I usually wear a camelbak that has plenty of pockets. :) Nice job getting in 17 miles in the cold.

  18. Yes, during some really cold runs in Jan & Feb here in GA, I noticed how warm I'd get with the gloves on! I was able to take them off after a few since they really did make me "hot"! (The hat stayed on though!)


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