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Garmin Forerunner 220 GPS Watch Review

Now that I've used my Garmin Forerunner 220 for two races, a 25K and a 39 mile race, I want to tell you about it. Just a week before I ran my 25K race, my Garmin Forerunner 610 died so I went to Luke's Locker, a local running store, and bought a Forerunner 220.

I used my new watch three times before race day. Fortunately, that was enough time to become familiar with how it worked so that I wasn't anxious about using it during the race.

Here's what I like best about my Garmin Forerunner 220:

The 220 doesn't go into "power save mode" for 30 minutes. With my 610, I'd get to the race start and then have to remember to not let it go into "power save mode" before the race started. If it did, it would have do a new satellite search and might not be ready when the gun went off. The 220 battery power lasts at least 9 hours. Towards the end of the 39 mile race, my 220 gave me a warning that it was getting low on battery power. I was relieved when it l…

My 39 Mile Run Recovery

Fun Race Recovery

After running 39 miles (an extra long 50K race) on May 10, I've rested with active recovery: easy runs, rides and walks.

Last Saturday, my husband and I spent the day going on adventures. We walked through Mercer Arboretum and I took more pictures like the ones above. We ate sandwiches and homemade cookies beside a lake. After our picnic, we rode our bikes. That's my kind of active recovery!

Longest Run

Yesterday I ran my longest run since the race - 10 miles. Before the run, I ate a hard-boiled egg and a corn bread muffin. Then I started my run. After three easy miles, I set out on the trails with some easy hill running. After a dried apricot/water break, I sped up for miles 8 and 9. Then I finished off with a nice, easy mile with my Weimaraner. (I usually run close to home and I can pick her up to run with me.) It was a great run and those apricots saved the day.

Blisters, Chafing and Toe Nails

After my 50K, there was no chafing or blisters, but I did have 3 …

First and Last in a 50K Race

When I ran the 50K race last week, I learned:

What it would be like to finish first female in a 50K race - sort of.What it's like to finish last female in a 50K race - really.
On May 10, I set out to finish my first 50K, the Hog's Hunt 50K in Huntsville State Park (Texas). Unfortunately, I took a wrong turn and added 8 miles to my 31 mile race. (My recap.) After mistakenly back-tracking on the course, I ran through the midway point/finish line, and I was told I was the first female. People cheered. If only it had been true! 
I said that I wasn't first and that I had only run 24 miles. I explained to the race director how I had gotten lost. Someone encouragingly told me that I could still finish the race. I believed that I could finish, but I needed to hurry because of the 8 hour cut-off. The race director made sure I had plenty of fuel and then I was running again. 
For the last 15 miles or so, it was very quiet on the trails. I was surprised to see three more aid stations…

How I Turned a 50K Race Into a 39 Mile Run

You know how a lot of people are afraid they'll get lost in a trail race? Today I wasn't paying attention and I made a wrong turn in my 50K race. After feeling disappointed in myself, I realized that if I finished the 50K course, I would run a lot farther than my longest distance ever, which is a marathon. I was kind of happy about the idea of running nearly 40 miles. Could I do it? I ended up adding 8.1 miles to my 31 mile race and I ran 39.1 miles today! So there was bad, but there was good.

Race page: Hog's Hunt 50K Trail Race, Huntsville State Park, Texas (north of Houston)

Date: 5/10/14

Results: 8 hours 44 minutes to run 39.1 miles

Course: dirt park roads, mostly shaded, some single track and sand, lots of tree roots, hills, 8 aid stations, flushing toilets at the start, at least one porta-potty on the course

Weather: humid at first, warm to hot, 70-86F

After I told the race director about my wrong turn, he called ahead to the aid stations to let them know some…

Tina's 1st 50K Race Training Plan

Training for the May 10th 50K Hog's Hunt trail race has been a lot of fun. I was able to get in all of the long runs that I had planned and I even ran a 25K race last week.  I'm calling this my first 50K training plan even though I've toed the line before. In 2012, I made it halfway through this race - a pesky root did me in. Hopefully, I've done enough long runs to teach my body that running 31 miles is possible.
Long Run Distances (with Next Day Medium Run Miles) Leading up to my 50K Race with Total Weekly Mileage in ( ) 8 weeks out:16/10 (This represents a 16 mile run followed by a 10 mile run the next day.) (45) 7 weeks out:18/10 (50) 6 weeks out: 20 (55) 5 weeks out: 22/10 (55) 4 weeks out: 18/15 (60) 3 weeks out: 24/10 (60) 2 weeks out: 25K race in 2:36 (38) 1 week out: 12/7 (33)
Since it's taper time, I had a little extra time so:  I picked blackberries at the park after running 12 miles there. It's early, so I'm looking forward to finding more the next time I g…