Tina's 1st 50K Race Training Plan

Training for the May 10th 50K Hog's Hunt trail race has been a lot of fun. I was able to get in all of the long runs that I had planned and I even ran a 25K race last week. 
I'm calling this my first 50K training plan even though I've toed the line before. In 2012, I made it halfway through this race - a pesky root did me in. Hopefully, I've done enough long runs to teach my body that running 31 miles is possible.

Long Run Distances (with Next Day Medium Run Miles) Leading up to my 50K Race with Total Weekly Mileage in ( )
8 weeks out:16/10 (This represents a 16 mile run followed by a 10 mile run the next day.) (45)
7 weeks out:18/10 (50)
6 weeks out: 20 (55)
5 weeks out: 22/10 (55)
4 weeks out: 18/15 (60)
3 weeks out: 24/10 (60)
2 weeks out: 25K race in 2:36 (38)
1 week out: 12/7 (33)

Since it's taper time, I had a little extra time so: 
  • I picked blackberries at the park after running 12 miles there. It's early, so I'm looking forward to finding more the next time I go picking. See how, in the picture, there's only one ripe one?!
  • I made yogurt using Trina Holden's Easiest Yogurt Recipe Ever and topped it with my blackberries.
  • I added more race reports to my iRaced web page. The Boston Marathon reports make me want to BQ and the Big Sur Marathon reports remind me of running one of my favorite marathons.

I've run 15 marathons and I've never finished a marathon feeling like I wanted to run another 5 miles or so, but since the race is so close to home (north of Houston) and running my longest race ever sounded like a fun challenge, I signed up. There may be alligators, wild hogs and snakes on the course, but I'm most worried about the roots!

Have you ever run or considered running a 50K or even a longer race?


  1. Yes.
    I think you are going to crush that 50K!! You have definitely put in the miles!! Can't wait to hear all about it!
    Good luck!

  2. I am SO excited for you!
    Can't wait to hear how it goes!!!

  3. Looks like you've put in some serious miles, Tina! Did you do a lot of back-to-back runs like the first week?
    I am more afraid of tripping than anything else too... If you can avoid that, the alligators will respect you!

    1. I did a lot of back-to backs (most weeks, in fact). I went back and edited it so that it's clearer. I'm glad you mentioned that. Thanks!

      I wouldn't want to fall on a gator!

  4. Your training has been awesome so far. Sure your race will go very well.

  5. I am so impressed! You are an inspiration. No injuries through all your training?

    1. There was one day when something didn't feel right so I didn't run until the next day, but that's the worst of it. And the next day, all was well!

  6. There is a 50k right next to our house and I considered it, but it kind of scares me. Plus it is a lot of time commitment while training. We will see, maybe one day. Good luck next weekend!!! You gt this!

  7. You are ready for sure! You did great with your training. Enjoy the taper!

  8. Enjoy your taper and woo hoo for the 50K!

  9. Looks like great training to me, I think you are going to do awesome! I want to do Boston to Big Sur some day too. And I would like to do an ultra some day as well!

  10. Great job on all of your training for this 50K!! You are so dedicated! I wish you the best best of luck for your race, and I hope everything goes smoothly for you (i.e. no roots or snakes or gators)! :0)

    As for the QOTD, I've only done one marathon so far, so haven't thought about a 50K yet lol!

  11. I'm so excited to read about your race!!! Your training went so well, you've got this one. Rest this week and enjoy the taper ... I know that's always mentally hard to do. :)

  12. I am always impressed with the mileage you put in! I've never considered running that distance but my sister has. She has an ultra on her bucket list.

  13. Great job on getting in some long miles Tina! Looks like you are ready. Blackberries and yogurt sound like a perfect post run snack!

  14. Enjoy the taper! I can't wait to hear all about the race.

  15. Good luck on your 50k! You are amazing. Homemade yogurt with blackberries sounds pretty amazing too!

  16. You're training looks good and it sounds like you have a lot of confidence in it. There is half the battle.
    Can't wait to hear about all the fun! Run well.

  17. You are a rockstar! I cant even imagine running that far, and you know I love running! Enjoy your taper, and good luck!

  18. Anonymous5/10/2014

    Alligators, wild hogs, and snakes, oh my! You are one brave lady!


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