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Today I'll focus on one race, the Mount Marathon Race, and 20 race reports that I found on the web this week. I hope this post motivates you to look for a fun race to run or to keep training for your next race.

Mount Marathon Race

The Mount Marathon Race is about 5K long and takes place every Independence Day in Seward, Alaska. Runners run up Mt. Marathon with a 3022 ft elevation gain and then they run back down. Holly Brooks was the 2014 female winner. Here's her recap.

You can get a feel for the difficulty of the course in this 30 minute video, which focuses on the women running the race. Here are the video highlights:
  • @5 and 7 minutes: watch the climb up
  • @17 minutes: watch the first finishers cross the finish line
  • @27 minutes: watch the climb down
Your Race Reports!

Sharing race reports is something that I have been doing on my other blog, iRaced, but now I'll share them here on Gotta Run Now instead. Read these race reports and be inspired!


Read Confessions of a Mother Runner's blog for the details on the Foam Fest 5K (DC) she ran. This obstacle race was called a Foam Fest, but it was 90% mud so she slid her way to a fun finish.

Fitness Cheerleader blogger ran the Canada 5K in 25:55. It was a hot day, but she still came in at 4th place for her age group.

Hungry Healthy Happy blogger ran in the Color Run (UK). Her race recap is the first one she's ever written, but there will be plenty more because she plans to run 40 races before she's 40.

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls blogger ran the See Jane Run 5K (WA) in 25 minutes and was 2nd place finisher in her age group and won a hat.

Out and About blogger ran the rainy Chinatown 5K (IL) in 31:11 and received a raffle prize, which made waiting in the rain worth it. New to me would be the soy milk that she found in her race goodie bag.


Run Karla Run blogger ran the Firecracker 8K (NY) in 44:19 and came away with a PR.

5 Miles:

Heather to 26.2 blogger ran the 'Merica Trail 5 Miler (IL) in 57:58, which was a 10 second PR. The mud made this one tough.

Maine Mom on the Run blogger completed the Bath Heritage Race (ME) in 41:40. She was hoping for an 8:30 average pace for the race and ran it in an average pace of 8:20/mile.


Run with Perseverance blogger completed the Suck it Up, Buttercup 10K (FL) and was served donuts at the finish line.


Apple Crumbles blogger ran the Boilermaker 15K road race (NY) in 1:12:30 (7:47/mi pace), earning her a PR. She was 5th out of 388 in her age group.

Two Little Runners blogger, Kristen, ran the Coronado Independence Day 15K (CA). Despite the heat, she earned herself a PR with a time of 1:05:28.

Half Marathon:

Half-Crazed Runner blogger came in 3rd in her age group in the Boise Half Marathon (ID) even though she missed a turn. With this finish, she's nearly halfway to her goal of finishing 50 half marathons.

Me and the Boys blogger started her race in a bit of a panic after finding that those on her shuttle bus should hurry to the start and skip a warm-up. Still, she ran the hilly Jamestown Half (RI) in 1:39:19.

My Dirt Road Anthem blogger ran the Missoula Half Marathon (MT) in 1:41:12. Women finishers received women's specific shirts. I wish they all did that. I wear shirts that fit me and the race receives free advertising that way.

Run Like a Bird blogger ran the Snoqualmie Valley Half Marathon (WA). Even though she had a lot of knee pain, she crossed the finish line and will be back next year for a do-over.

Running for Cannolis blogger ran the See Jane Run half marathon (WA) in 2:04. It was her 15th half marathon.


Running on E blogger ran the Troop Trot 39K (GA) and finished 4th overall out of 38 finishers. A Boy Scout saved the day by remembering to bring Cokes for the aid station.


Camille Herron ran the Missoula Marathon (MT) in 2:58:45. This was her 15th marathon win.

100 Miles:

Footprints on the Course blogger ran the Western States 100 Mile Race (CA) in about 27:40. He'll be tackling another 100 mile race in only a few weeks.


  1. Oh fun! I didn't even know you had the other blog until last week! Thanks for sharing I will check out some of these other links, so fun to read race reports!

    1. Congrats on your fast finish in the half marathon! I'd love to run in the Missoula marathon someday!

  2. I love reading race reports. Thanks for putting together a list!

    1. I'm so glad that your 39K was a good training race for you, Running on E! Looking forward to reading about your 50K race coming up in a few weeks!

  3. Great compilation of race reports! I am always in shock of people who can run 100 mile races... just incredible!

  4. I always love your race report link-ups!!!

  5. I was in Seward this year when this race was being run. The terrain was unreal!

    1. I'd love to be there to watch this race! I'd like to try to run it, but I wouldn't try it without lots of mountain running experience.

  6. Thanks for the race report links, Tina! I always enjoy reading them, and definitely end up coming across ones I never would have known about otherwise.

  7. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Anonymous7/20/2014

    Tina, Thanks for the kind words and link to my race report!

    1. Reading about your 100 mile race was inspiring! Can't imagine running that far!

  9. Thanks for the shout out!

  10. Wow, there is certainly a lot of motivation here! Some of those times are really amazing.

  11. Great round up Tina - Race reports are my favourite blog posts to read! Thank you for including my race report too :)

    1. Congrats, again, on finishing 4th AG at the 5K and on your more recent finish of the tough trail half marathon!

  12. Oh fun! Thank you for the mention, Tina. :) Hopefully someone else can have a crummy race and realize it's not the end of the world. I'm slowly getting back there, and without injury this time!

    1. Congrats, again, on crossing the Snoqualmie Valley Half Marathon finish line. I hope your knee gets better soon so you can add more running to your exercise routine again!

    2. I just exited physical therapy (WOO HOO!) and things are looking up. It's nice to take a look at that post every once in a while and remind myself of how far I've already come to just feel able to walk down a set of stairs. :)


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