Goal: Pull-ups!

Stopping at the Pull-up Bar During a Run

I have some fitness goals that seem impossible like getting a BQ and my new goal: pull-ups.

After seeing a video of Kacy Catanzaro on America Ninja Warrior, I read that she does a lot of body weight exercises like pull-ups. I found our pull-up bar in the garage and put it up inside, but I couldn't even do one pull-up. So then I found some pull-up tips and started working on those.

There's a pull-up bar at the park where I run so sometimes I stop there during my run and work on the exercises that I hope will help me to complete some pull-ups someday.

7 Exercises that Prepare You for Pull-ups
dead rows, bicep curls, push-ups, dead hang, flexed arm hang, negative pull-up, hanging rows

Most Important Tip for Beginners
Don't do too much work on pull-ups on your first day. If you do, you might be crazy sore like I was for a few days!

One more helpful link:
Pull-up Progression Guide


  1. I love watching American Ninja Warrior and Kacy was pretty impressive. I think they should have a female and male winner for the competition because I think it will be tough for her to compete with the males and actually win it. Good luck with your pull up goal! Sounds like it will be challenging but you are always up for the challenge!

    1. I hope they have a female and male winner someday, too!

  2. I should try your pull up tips. Me and the pull up have never been able to get together. I'm going to use the excuse that I have REALLY long arms and they aren't that muscular so .... maybe I should be quiet and work on my pull ups :(

  3. That Kacy C is amazing isn't she?!
    The only time I've ever been able to do pull-ups is during P90X and P90X2. I should work harder the rest of the time.
    Good luck on your quest!

  4. Haha, pull ups on my local park's bars have been a goal of mine too. Actually my main goal was by the end of the summer I wanted to be able to make it to the other side of the hanging rings ( kind of like the monkey bars but they are swinging rings). I'm not doing very well with that though because my upper body strength is still so weak! -M

  5. I love American Ninja Warrior, but even more so now that a girl has made it through to the finals! Kacy is a huge inspiration!

    Good luck with the pull-ups - those things are TOUGH. I'd love to be able to do one someday!

  6. That's an awesome goal! It's hard to build up serious body strength like that, especially for us ladies. I'm looking forward to reading the post when you get in your first pull up! You can do it! :D

  7. Ooooh, that is a good goal. I've been meaning to work on upper body strength more with push-ups and such. Pull-ups might be a good one to add. How many pull ups are you targeting for your goal?

  8. I so want to do a pull-up, and I don't even weigh that much so it should be easy, right? NOT. Thanks for sharing the exercises to prep for one. I'm going to give it a go! We have a bar at the park behind our house. I'll use that!

  9. Haha I can only dream of pull ups. I keep telling myself that I will work up to them....but never seems to happen, but I figure running fast is more important to me right now. I will live through you once you do it :)

  10. Anonymous7/30/2014

    I don't know if I could ever do a pull up. Good luck to you!!

  11. Being able to do pull-ups is a great goal! They are so tough, but I think they build so much strength the more you are able to do. I built up to about 10 pull ups when I was doing p90x, but now I've lost it. I can probably only do one. It blows my mind that when I was a kid I could do as many pull-ups as I wanted. I usually only stopped because I got bored. But back then I swam competitively year round, so I didn't weigh much and I had a really strong upper body.


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