Your Race Recaps! (8/22)

Time for some more race recaps from around the web! This week, there are distances from two mile races to the marathon and scenic courses from the mountains to the sea.

2 Miles:

My Dirt Road Anthem blogger, Christy, ran the Quality of Life Race (MT) with her two children. Her kids came away with medals for 1st and 3rd place in their age groups and Christy came in 4th in her age group.


One Redhead and Lighthouses blogger ran the Beach2Beacon Race (ME). Joan Benoit Samuelson, Meb and Shalane were there and the view along the course was scenic since the race ran along the bay and the ocean.

10 Miles:

The Happy Runner blogger, Felice, completed the Clove Run 10 Mile Race (NY). This was a marathon training run that was sandwiched between two four mile runs. She finished in 1:27:19 and finished 3rd in her age group.

Half Marathon:

A Magpie in the Sky blogger, Stephanie, completed the Down Tow Up Flow Half Marathon (UK). The race had great views along the River Thames. She finished in 2:41:36.

Stuft Mama blogger, Kristin, completed The Finest City Half Marathon (San Diego, CA), a scenic race with views of the bay and the ocean. Her goal was to treat it like a long tempo run for her upcoming marathon in Hawaii and she finished in 1:39:50.

Two Running Sisters blogger, Erin, finished the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon (CO). She stopped at every aid station for water in case the high elevation bothered her and finished in 1:43:09.

15.9 Miles/25.6K:

Visit Robin's Blog to read her recap of the ENDURrun 25.6K race (Canada). She finished in 3:33:08 despite steep climbs, uneven boardwalks and muddy trails.


Munger Runs blogger, Dave, completed the Pike's Peak Marathon (CO). The first half of the marathon involves climbing about 7800 feet. Then runners make a u-turn and run back down to the start. Dave finished the race in 6:21:49.

Visit Pat Rich's Running Blog, Run in Such a Way to Get the Prize, to read his Bear Brook Trail Marathon (NH) recap to see his detailed description of running his longest race ever, not finishing the race, but gaining new confidence about his ability to run long distances.


  1. These all sound like such fun races!

  2. Thanks for the update (and the mention).

  3. So many great races in that list! Thanks for putting it together.

  4. Thanks for highlighting these! I enjoy reading race recaps :)

  5. Oh, another great list of recaps! Thanks!


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