Your Race Recaps! 9/12

From the 5K to the 50K, here are 10 race reports that are sure to give you miles of racing inspiration!


Tutus and Tennies blogger, MB, found herself with a PR when she completed the Watermelon 5K (FL) in 30:37. It's always a hot and humid race, but she can't help signing up for this race that she has now run 3 years in a row.


Apple Crumbles blogger, JoAnne, completed the Mustang Stampede (NY) as part of her 19 mile marathon training run. She finished the 10K race in 48:48 after running 9 miles just before the race.

Half Marathon:

Just Living Our Story blogger, Bridget, was the first female finisher in the Skyline at 10K Half Marathon (UT), a scenic road race that started at 10,000 foot elevation. Even though it started high, there wasn't a lot of descent. Still, she finished in 1:34.

My Dirt Road Anthem blogger, Christy, completed the Bozeman Half Marathon (MT) in 1:39:21 and came in 3rd in her age group. That's after waking up at 3AM. That's not what she had planned, but it didn't seem to hurt her fast race time.

Running with the Sunrise blogger, Beth, ran the Lifetime's Chicago Half Marathon (IL) as part of her marathon training plan. She ran 7 miles before the race and then she ran the race in 2:25.

You'll Always Have My Heart blogger, Susette, finished first in her age group at the Nebo Half Marathon (UT) with a time of 1:34:27. This was her first podium finish.


Goal-Oriented Runner blogger, David, started with a goal of completing the Elroy Apple Dumpling Day Marathon (WI) in less than 3:30 and he finished it in 3:27:31. He was 2nd overall and 1st in his age group. He came, he ran, he ate apple dumplings and he got a race shirt to prove it.

50K (31 miles):

Barefoot Inclined blogger, Jeff, completed the Tommyknocker Ultras 50K (CO) in about 9 hours. Race day included climbs, water crossings, hail and lightning.

Running on E blogger, EB, finished her first 50K at the Snakebite 50/50 trail race (GA). Once she crossed the finish line, she was ready to sign-up for another ultra.

Small Town Runner blogger, Raina, also completed her first 50K at the McKenzie River Trail Run 50k (OR) in 5:57 despite being stung six times by yellow jackets during the race and training on low mileage because of an injury.


  1. Yay I love reading recaps, thanks for including mine :)

    1. Congrats on placing 3rd in the half marathon!

  2. Awesome! great job everyone! I am loving the names of some of these races, especially apple dumpling day marathon! Awesome!

    1. I'd want to run that race just for the apple dumplings!

  3. Replies
    1. It was hard to narrow the list down to just ten race reports from all of the great ones I came across this week!

  4. Oh - some really tough sounding races this week!!!

    1. I know! Just the weather alone made some of these races tough with the humidity and storms.

  5. Hello All, dig the write ups!! Congrats to each and everyone of you!! Tina, I just posted my first recap regarding the Lead King 25K Charity Run. Thanx so much for posting others & their adventures on your blog. Happy Tuesday


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