Your Race Recaps! 9/25

Today I was inspired by long-time runner, Pam, when I visited the dentist. She's about to run a marathon. That marathon will complete her goal of running a marathon in every state. Not only that, this upcoming race will be her 200th marathon! After the marathon, she's going to focus on shorter races and write a running book.

This week's gathering of races is a collection of the most popular distances before you hit ultras. I hope they motivate you to get out there and run for fun, for training or for both reasons!


NYC Running Mama blogger, Michelle, completed the Philadelphia RnR 5K in 19:57, a 34 second PR.


Cow Spots and Tales blogger, Lisa, completed the Esprit de She 10K in 51:21 as part of Team Chocolate Milk.

Half Marathon:

Little Green Running Shoes blogger, Jenna, ran the Philadelphia RnR Half Marathon in 2:18 and crossed the finish line with her husband.


Joanna Runs completed the Top of Utah Marathon in 3:56, a marathon with plenty of down hill running to trash your quads.


  1. I love these recaps because they always make me want to add things to my 'to race' list. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing all of these links, Tina! What a great way to hear about more races! Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. 200 marathons! wow! That is truly inspirational! 50 in every state is pretty neat too. I am glad she is going to write a book, she must have so much running wisdom to share!

  4. Wow! Some folks are so speedy :) I love it! I can't imagine traveling to every state to run, that is very cool.

  5. A marathon in each state, 200 marathons in total - THAT is inspiring!!

  6. Wow, my goal is to run a 5k in 25 minutes! Congrats to NYC Running Momma and running it at 19:57! And congratulations on all the other runners on their runs


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