10 Race Recaps & I'm Racing, too!

I'm registered for the Texas Endurance 50K Trail Race, held on November 22. It's at the same park where I ran the Hog's Hunt 50K Trail Race. This time I'd like to only run 31 or so miles without those added 8 miles I tacked on!

If the fall weather isn't enough to motivate you to run, read these race recaps for racing motivation. Signing up for a race gives you a goal to look forward to. Works for me!


Age Groups Rock blogger, Andrea, finished the Memorial Bridge 5K (ME & NH!) with a time of 28:48. She placed 2nd out of 11 in her age group!

I'm Running on Fumes blogger, Jan, placed 2nd in her age group and earned a PR with a 24:21 finish at the CLS Fall Fun Run (IL)!

10 Miles

Push My Limits blogger, Kecia, completed her first trail race at the Runner's Flat race (IA) in 1:41:21 only 4 weeks after completing an Ironman!

Half Marathon

Half-crazed Runner completed the hilly Freedom's Run Half Marathon (WV) in 1:43 and placed 2nd!

Lynne Hurrell set a national record at age 80! She ran the San Jose Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon (CA) in 2:21:20. What a great way to celebrate becoming an octogenarian!

Stuft Mama blogger, Kristin, completed the Raptor Ridge Trail Race (CA) in 1:42! She was happy to finish 7th female and to see zero snakes.


Ariana Hilborn finished the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon (MN) in 2:35! She came in 4th place in the US Marathon Championship competition. Read her recap for tips on eating before a marathon.

Fuel Your Future blogger, Tina (another Tina!), ran her second marathon this week. She completed the Chicago Marathon in 2:45!

Jen Chooses Joy blogger completed the Chicago Marathon in 3:42! After starting with the 3:50 pacers, she sped forward with negative splits.

One Red Head and Lighthouses completed her first marathon at the Maine Marathon with a time of 4:41! (Here's my recap from running the Maine Marathon in 2011 - a fun race!)


  1. Congrats to everyone! And wow, another 50K coming up for you!

  2. Thanks for rounding up all of these recaps! I hope when I run my first 50k in December you'll include mine!

  3. Hey, you missed out my M80 800m top 'o the British Rankings race! Good luck in that 50K trail race Tina. Wish I could still run that far!

  4. Lots of great recaps.

  5. Lots of great recaps!
    So cool that you signed up for another 50K!

  6. Thanks for featuring me :) I am in awe of you and your ultra races, the marathon was far enough for me!!

    1. Congrats again! I also enjoyed reading your next post about what it's like to be an elite runner at the race!

  7. So inspiring to read that your goal is to "only" run 31 or so miles! I'm fascinated by long distances...though personally I'm still working on only 13.1. :-) As usual, can't wait to read these recaps. Thanks!

    1. Not "only" 13.1! They're both hard, just different!

  8. What a fun post, yay for all the racers! I'm off to get lost in all these recaps.

  9. I must say I have race envy right now. I so wish I was doing a fall marathon, however, I must resist because it probably wouldn't be wise with my Ironman coming up in 4 weeks! I'm also envious of your 50k race. Think I'd be recovered enough 6 days after an Ironman to come run with you? :)

  10. Aww, thanks for the shout-out! :) I can't wait to hear about your race. I'm sure you won't go off course this time!

  11. Yay! Glad to hear you are going to tackle another 50K. I didn't figure you'd wait until 2015 for your next race, especially with all of those long runs lately :)


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