Running Links & Race Recaps! 10/30

New Balance 980 Trail Shoe
Favorite Running Links of the Week

New Balance 980 Trail Shoe Review - I was given NB shoes to review! Click through to read what Mark, Craig and I thought about them.

Coach Brad Hudson Interviewed on Runner Academy - Most people run too fast on easy days. Run hard just a couple of days a week. Gradually build mileage over a long period, but maybe not only by 10% per week.

12 Ways to Build a Stronger, Faster Runner's Body - I did these no-equipment-needed exercises from the book Build Your Running Body on a running rest day.

Your Race Reports

Read about the runner who ran a half marathon dressed as a super hero, a first-time marathoner who BQ'ed and more!


Eat. Host. Run. Style blogger, Sun, completed a Pumpkin Run 5K in 23:03 and came in 3rd in her age group only weeks after running a marathon!


Fannetastic Food blogger, Anne, ran the MCM 10K (DC) in 51:17 with her husband!

Half Marathon

Hoosier Running Mom blogger, Staci, completed the Detroit Half Marathon in 2:02! The course runs from Michigan, into Canada and back again.

Organic Runner Mom blogger, Sandra, ran the CHaD Hero Half Marathon (NH) in 1:44 while dressed as a super hero!

Running Through China blogger, Lou, who is training for a 3 day endurance event, completed the Beijing Half Marathon in 1:44 despite the pollution being so bad that many of the runners wore face masks!

Sweet Miles blogger, Sarah, completed the Soaring Wings Half Marathon (AR) in 2:04 on a surprisingly warm day!


Fairy Tales and Fitness blogger, Lacey, completed the MCM Marathon (DC) with a longest run of only 15 miles!

Why Mom Runs blogger, Cheryl, qualified for the Boston Marathon at her first marathon, the Loco Marathon (NH), in 3:41!


  1. Ooh fun post! I could spend all day clicking on links :)

  2. Finishing a marathon with the longest run of 15 mile is pretty cool :) Lou is a little power packed machine!

    1. I don't know how Lacey did it and I can't imagine pushing myself in a race for 3 days like Lou will!

  3. Those are some sweet shoes! That Lacey never ceases to amaze me with her running! -M

    1. I think that it's great that both you and your sister run and share a blog, too!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! I hope that you'll be able to enjoy a little extra blog reading now that you're tapering for your half marathon. Exciting!

  5. Hey, thanks for the shout out!
    I can't believe how hard it would be to be Lou, running in such polluted air...or running a marathon after only completing 15 miles...AWESOME! Inspiring!
    I have to work on building a stronger runner body--I am hoping with the winter weather to start focusing more on that--AND taking easy runs, easy! Fun post!

    1. Congrats on finishing with such a fast time at your first marathon - 3:41! Wow!

  6. I will have to read the shoe reviews! I am always interested in what's out there.
    Awesome races to read about too. Running a marathon on 15 mile long run... it can be done! I am just too chicken :)

  7. Another great list of race recaps, Tina! I saved your links to read later. I'm always looking for new exercises to add to my at home workouts!


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