From the 5K to the 100K on Roads & Trails Race Reports! 12/26

Merry Christmas!
Reading race recaps is a great way to prepare for what may happen in your own upcoming race! Enjoy!

Runs with Pugs blogger, Jenn, her husband and her young son ran the Gingerbread Man Dash 5K race! Of course, gingerbread cookies were provided for the finishers!

We Run Disney blogger, Christine, completed the Surf-n-Santa 5 Mile race (VA). Highlights of the race were Christmas lights and carolers!

50 State Canuck blogger, Jane, completed the San Antonio RnR Half Marathon (TX) in 1:39 and was congratulated by Meb at the finish line!

Running Around My Kitchen blogger, Beth, completed the St. Jude Memphis Marathon in 3:59 only 8 weeks after running the Chicago Marathon, which she also finished in 3:59!

Shining's Ultra Blog blogger, Sophie, completed the Hellgate 100K (62 mile) Race (VA) for the 9th time!

Photo: I went on a bike ride the day after my 15 mile run and worked off some Christmas candy!


  1. Wow, Beth has a very consistent marathon time! That is impressive!

  2. I wish I would have done a christmas themed run this month!

  3. Great lists of recaps :) I love a bike ride after a run!


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