Thursday, August 28, 2014

Your Race Recaps! (8/29)

I'm happy to feature another week of runners and their race reports. Whether they ran 5K or 47.5 miles or something in between, they inspired me to get outside and go for a run. I hope these race recaps do the same for you!


Age Groups Rock blogger, AJH, ran Zoe's 5K (VT) coming in 2nd for her age group. The race raises funds to make homes accessible for those who are handicapped. Recognized by another runner because of her blog, someone surprised her with a "Hi, Age Groups"!

Peanut Butter Runner blogger, Jen, completed the OrthoCarolina Classic 5K (NC). She ran negative splits, set a new PR and finished in 21:55.


Running the Race blogger, Karien, came in 2nd at the Marrick Trail 10K (South Africa) with a finish time of 52:37. Sounds like her double stroller training runs are paying off!

Why Mom Runs blogger, Cheryl, completed the Saunders at Rye Harbor 10K (NH) in 47:11 - a couple of minutes faster than her goal time!

Half Marathon:

Apple Crumbles blogger, Joanne, came in 1st place in her age group at the Turning Stone Half Marathon (NY) with a time of 1:42 and her husband came away with a PR.

Eat Spin Run Repeat blogger, Angela, ran the Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon (Canada) in 1:30:32. See her recap for great ideas on where to eat in Vancouver and to read about Lululemon's pre-race sale.

JerBear Shares blogger, Jeri, ran the Go Far Woman Half Marathon (ND) in 2:09:05. It was her 23rd half marathon.

JoZak Runs blogger, Joasia, represented Scotland at the Pike's Peak Ascent Half Marathon (CO). Although she had just recently run a marathon at the Commonwealth Games in Scotland, she pushed through to the end and ran from Manitou Springs to the top of Pike's Peak with a 7815' elevation gain.


Fun Fit Mom blogger, Angela, ran the Santa Rosa Marathon (CA) and finished in 3:44:26 with a BQ. Visit her blog for details on how the race went, beginning with an earthquake in the morning.

Laces and Lattes blogger, Jessica, completed the EndurRun Marathon (Canada) in 3:21:36. Part of her incentive during the race was the Nutella her friend had waiting for her at the finish line!

Other Distances:

Breathe Deeply and Smile blogger, Lauren, ran the Charles Street 12 Mile Race (MD) as a marathon goal paced training run. After 10 miles at goal pace, she picked up the pace and finished in 1:33:34.

Fuel Your Future with Tina blogger ran the Crim Festival 10 Mile Race (MI) in 58:55 and was the 15th female finisher. She's training for the Chicago Marathon in October.

NYC Running Mama blogger, Michelle, completed the 7.3 mile Falmouth Race (MA). She ran with Meb for part of the race and she finished in 50:28, which is a 7:13/mile pace.

She Runs Everywhere blogger ran the Howl at the Moon Race (IL). It's an 8 hour timed race held on a 3.3 mile course. She ran 47.5 miles and was the 3rd place female.

Monday, August 25, 2014

10 Year Running Anniversary

My Race Medals - I finally hung them up!
I'm glad that I took that first step out the door ten years ago even if I was wearing the wrong kind of clothes and shoes.

Becoming a Runner

Before the previous ten years, I ran with my teenage friends and later I ran with my daughter in a baby jogger. Then I took a running break for 13 years.

When I turned 38, one hot August afternoon I put on my tennis shoes, cotton t-shirt and denim shorts and went for a run. Since then, I've kept it up for 10 years.

Training Plan for Beginning Runners

I started with a free online Couch to 5K training plan. Running was hard, but I wanted to be more fit before I turned 40 so I kept at it.

3 Advantages of Running 

  • The Places, People and Wild Animals I See When I Run
  • The Feeling of Accomplishment After a Run
  • Eating more cookies!

Why Run?

I started running for a strong and healthy body and that's part of the reason I like to run now, but if I didn't like running, I'd pick another sport to focus on like riding my bike. Most of all, I keep running because it's fun!

Why do you run? Do you keep running for the same reasons that you started running?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Your Race Recaps! (8/22)

Time for some more race recaps from around the web! This week, there are distances from two mile races to the marathon and scenic courses from the mountains to the sea.

2 Miles:

My Dirt Road Anthem blogger, Christy, ran the Quality of Life Race (MT) with her two children. Her kids came away with medals for 1st and 3rd place in their age groups and Christy came in 4th in her age group.


One Redhead and Lighthouses blogger ran the Beach2Beacon Race (ME). Joan Benoit Samuelson, Meb and Shalane were there and the view along the course was scenic since the race ran along the bay and the ocean.

10 Miles:

The Happy Runner blogger, Felice, completed the Clove Run 10 Mile Race (NY). This was a marathon training run that was sandwiched between two four mile runs. She finished in 1:27:19 and finished 3rd in her age group.

Half Marathon:

A Magpie in the Sky blogger, Stephanie, completed the Down Tow Up Flow Half Marathon (UK). The race had great views along the River Thames. She finished in 2:41:36.

Stuft Mama blogger, Kristin, completed The Finest City Half Marathon (San Diego, CA), a scenic race with views of the bay and the ocean. Her goal was to treat it like a long tempo run for her upcoming marathon in Hawaii and she finished in 1:39:50.

Two Running Sisters blogger, Erin, finished the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon (CO). She stopped at every aid station for water in case the high elevation bothered her and finished in 1:43:09.

15.9 Miles/25.6K:

Visit Robin's Blog to read her recap of the ENDURrun 25.6K race (Canada). She finished in 3:33:08 despite steep climbs, uneven boardwalks and muddy trails.


Munger Runs blogger, Dave, completed the Pike's Peak Marathon (CO). The first half of the marathon involves climbing about 7800 feet. Then runners make a u-turn and run back down to the start. Dave finished the race in 6:21:49.

Visit Pat Rich's Running Blog, Run in Such a Way to Get the Prize, to read his Bear Brook Trail Marathon (NH) recap to see his detailed description of running his longest race ever, not finishing the race, but gaining new confidence about his ability to run long distances.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

JavaPro Coffee & Whey Powder Drink Review

I was surprised to find an envelope with a packet of caramel JavaPro, a coffee and whey powder mix, in my mailbox recently.

Does It Taste Good?

I know I'm in the minority, but I don't drink coffee very often. When I do, it's mixed with something else like chocolate milk! I've tried a lot of whey protein powders that I didn't like, too, so I was surprised that I liked the flavor of the caramel flavored JavaPro.

The Specifics: Mixing It and Protein

Using my Cuisinart Smart Stick was the best way to mix it with water. The caramel flavored JavaPro has 20 grams of protein per serving, which I think is great.

Coffee and a Runner's Edge

Speaking of coffee, I recently read that caffeine may reduce tinnitus risk or ringing in the ears. Last week, I linked to a post that stated that Joan Benoit Samuelsen started drinking coffee at age 50 and that she thinks that it gives her an extra edge in running. I wouldn't mind some extra energy!

Monday, August 18, 2014

3 Products that Prevent Pain for Runners

Running is a lot of fun, but it can be painful sometimes. To keep some of that pain away, I've been using:  

  1. Anti-chafing product. I ran out of Body-Glide so I bought Gold Bond Friction Defense. It seems to work as well as Body-Glide, it's less expensive and I found it at the grocery store, which made it easy to buy. This week, I forgot to use it on my thigh where my phone was in my pocket and rubbed me raw. Ouch!
  2. Sunscreen. Even though I wear a hat or a visor, I wear sunscreen on my face. Lately, I've been using Banana Boat Sport Performance 30. It comes in a small tube that makes it easy to take when I travel to races. Plus, it's easy to buy locally.
  3. Anti-poison Ivy Spray. After finding out that I'm very allergic to poison ivy on one of my blackberry picking treks in the woods, I started using Ivy X on my lower legs when I run though the woods. I don't know if it really works, but I hope it will spare me from having to get a shot and taking medicine again. 
What do you like to use to keep the pain away?

Weekly Summary (August 18-24)
  • Monday - 5 mile run; core/arms 
  • Tuesday - 11 mile run with "fast" finish
  • Wednesday - 35 min. ride; planks, dead-lift, wall-sit, etc. 
  • Thursday - 7 mile run (2 x 15 minute hard run w/3 min. recovery)
  • Friday - 3 mile run; core/arms 
  • Saturday - 6 mile run (15 x 1 minute hard run w/1 min. recovery)
  • Sunday - Rest
Total Running: 32 miles (That's up 2 miles from last week.)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Your Race Recaps: 8/15

Here's a new round-up of race reports from all over the world. Congrats to these runners who put so much work into training and crossed the finish lines!


A Change of Pace blogger, Ben, ran in the Deanna Rose Farmstead Stampede 5K (KS), along with his professor, in 25:55. Looks like he's getting a good start at becoming  a morning person since he was up at 3:45 on race morning!

Arkansas Runner Mom blogger, Tia, was the first female finisher in the Back to School 5K (KY) 19:30. That's a 6:17/mile average pace. It was a family day for her with family members running and spectating on race day.


Hungry Healthy Happy blogger, Dannii, ran the Race for Life (UK) and raised money for cancer research. With her goal of running 40 races before she turns 40, she's off to a great start.

Half Marathon:

50 Half Marathons in 50 States blogger, Becka, ran the Beaver Creek Trail Half Marathon (CO) in 2:54:25. One of the perks was free race photos, which may become more common in the future according to this article.

On the Run Oregon Blog, Jessica, tells what it was like running the Eugene Half Marathon. This recap is especially interesting if you're thinking about running the Eugene half or the full in the future.


Jozakruns blogger, Joasia, completed the marathon at the Commonwealth Games in Scotland. She proudly ran for Scotland and finished in 2:45:29, coming in as the 3rd female from Scotland.

For the Love of Running blogger, Sarah, completed the Eugene Marathon (OR) in 3:31:15 with an 2 minute PR. She hopes to finish in under 3:30 when she runs the Las Vegas RnR Marathon in November.

Photo Info: Waiting for a 10K race to start (11/2009). My bib: 2033.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Elite Runners & Oatmeal Cookies

Cookie Dough!
Joan Benoit Samuelson, now age 57, won the first women's Olympic Marathon 30 years ago this month. When I was running in the Maine Marathon, I was surprised to see Joan fly by me while she was running the half marathon. You might like to read Joan Benoit Samuelson's running tips to see why she doesn't run with music. I run with an audiobook, music and silence, too. A malfunctioning music player during a marathon taught me to be sure that I could run in silence!

Oatmeal cookies are one of my favorite cookies so when I came across Joan's favorite oatmeal cookie recipe at the end of an interview, I made them. Made with whole wheat flour, they're dense and as Joan said, they're similar to an energy bar. I liked the raisins, chocolate chips and nuts in them. I only made a small batch, but at least I was able to save one to eat with a smoothie after yesterday's 11 mile run.

Have you had the opportunity to see any elite runners? I saw a number of them here in Houston and blogged about it (US Half Marathon Olympic Trials) back in 2011. (Here are the results of the trials.) I saw Ryan Hall who finished 2nd in 1:02. Here's Ryan Hall's pancake recipe with suggestions like adding molasses for iron. I often add it to oatmeal.

I also saw Jen Rhines who finished first in 1:11. I read Jen Rhines Shares Her Running Secrets where she encourages runners to run strides at the end of easy runs and to do core work even if it's only for five minutes a day. Speaking of that, it's time for me to do some core work now!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Just Run to the Fountain

During what turned out to be my favorite run of last week, I forgot to start my Garmin for the first third of a mile and my legs felt sluggish at first. After the warm-up, the run seemed to fly by even though it was humid and it didn't start well. Never judge a run by the first mile!

  • I ran for 5 minutes at a time. There are two water fountains at the park that take me 5 minutes to run between. I ran from one fountain to the other one five times with a two minute rest in between.
  • When I reached each water fountain, I stopped for a drink. Telling myself that I only needed to get to the other water fountain made the distance seem short.
  • I ran at a pace that I felt I could hold for five minutes based on how I felt and not based on a certain pace. I made it through the workout without having to stop and sit on a bench like I did two days later during my speed workout - live and learn! 

When I got home, I saw my timed runs pace: 9:32, 9:09, 9:10, 9:22, 8:49. Three were close to my goal marathon pace: 9:09 for a 4 hour finish so I'm happy. It's hot so I'm lenient on myself! It was a good run. In fact, I forgot to stop running at 5.7 miles (since I started my Garmin late) and I ran 6.3 miles instead of the planned 6 miles. 

To learn about running by effort rather than pace during a tempo run, read How to Run a Tempo Workout by Jenny Hadfield.

Weekly Summary (August 11-17)
  • Monday - 9 mile run, arms; PM: 30 minute ride
  • Tuesday - 30 minute ride, abs/back 
  • Wednesday - 6.3 miles with 5 x 5 min. with 2 min. recovery. 
  • Thursday - 4.7 mile run, abs/arms 
  • Friday - 6 mile run (1, 2, 3 min. intervals with 1 min. recovery x 3)
  • Saturday - 4 mile run, arms
  • Sunday - Rest

I'm building up the miles slowly during this training phase. I'm happy to have made it to 30 miles of running for the week - a small milestone!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Your Race Reports! (8/8)

Here's a new post of race reports found on the web this week. Big congrats to the runners for crossing the finish line!


Anyone Can Run placed third in the Melon Dash 5K with a time of 23:31 in her last race before she turns 40. Next, she will be training for a marathon.

Eat Host Run Style blogger ran the Race for the Bacon (WI) with a painful blister, but still finished in 22:42. Finishers are treated to a bacon bash!

Running with the Girls blogger ran the Spandits 5K (ME) in 24:12. Race day included friends and family members running the race, too.

5 Miles:

Girl Goes Running blogger completed the Mt. Edward Grocery Memorial Run (Canada) in 36:48. Even though this is her second race in just 6 days, she finished with a new PR.

Run Karla Run blogger completed the NYRR Team Championships (NY) in 44:59. Read her race report for the lessons that she learned during this race.

Half Marathon:

Stepping Out blogger ran the San Francisco Half Marathon (CA) in 1:42:59. She placed in the top 3% of women and it was her 24th half marathon.

Taking the Long Way Home blogger ran the Zooma Half Marathon (IL) in 2:14:30 despite the heat and humidity. Old and new friends helped her cross the finish line.

50K: blogger completed the Big Basin 50K trail race (CA) and finished in 6:31:52 with a PR. He used Tailwind Nutrition powdered drink during the race, which he's used since April. (Here are my posts about my first run with Tailwind and my 50K+ race with it.)

100 Miles:

Jaime posted a guest blog report at Running with the Hayneses about finishing the Vermont 100 Trail Race. She came in just under 24 hours and won herself a shiny new belt buckle. In her report and in the comments, she shares details that might help you run a 100, too.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Healthy Snack & Your Comments

Today instead of writing about the M&M's I keep on my kitchen counter, I'm writing about healthy snacks, which is fitting since most of my snacks are actually healthy ones. Yesterday I spread some nut butter on a date half and topped it with some coconut. A sprinkle of cinnamon would be good, too. I had never made these before and I liked them.

In the past, I've enjoyed unfilled, whole dates when I run. Today I sandwiched two nut filled dates together, wrapped them in plastic wrap and took them on my run. They became a sticky mess in the plastic so I'll stick to plain dates when I run and save the nut filled ones for home. After my run, I chopped up the messy dates and put them in my banana/oat/peanut butter smoothie.

There were some funny comments on my last post, 7 Random Facts About Moi. I'm glad that I mentioned the candy because now I know that I need to hide the candy jar if any of you visit! I mentioned the time I jumped over a snake and a question was asked:

Do you jump over snakes because you hate them, are startled by them or because it is fun?

Snakes are good because they eat little animals that I do hate, but if I never see another one, that's fine with me. Startled isn't a strong enough word to describe how I feel when I see a snake. Terrified is better. It was fun to jump over the snake, but that's only because it's always nice to survive a surprise snake encounter!

I hope your day is filled with healthy food and not one snake!

Monday, August 4, 2014

7 Random Facts About Moi*

1. I'm glad that my husband talked me into starting a blog over 7 years ago. I like it a lot more than I thought I would!
2. I took French in high school and college. I even use it on my blog*, but I'd rather use it in Paris.
3. I recently started using the Duolingo app on my phone to learn Spanish.  
4. Besides using my phone to learn a new language, I listen to a lot of books on it. I've listened to and read 61 books this year - much of the listening happens when I exercise.
5. When I go on hikes, I'm always the first to spot the snakes. Sometimes I like to jump over them.
6. Exercising makes me hungry. Some of my favorite foods are chicken, salads, avocados, full-fat dairy, whole eggs and not so healthy M&M's.
7. I keep a jar of peanut M&M's on my kitchen counter. Somehow, I can walk by that jar many times a day and not eat one. Unfortunately, I can also walk past my pull-up bar and ignore it.

Thanks to Running on E blogger, EB, for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award in which she asked me to share 7 non-running facts. 

Next, I nominate Miles and Trials blogger, Beth, who inspires me with her fast pace at races including her recently completed Boulder Ironman 70.3 race in 5:42. 

Last Week's Workouts (26 miles of running, some riding and some short strength training and weights sessions)

Monday: 7 mile run, abs/arms workout, some pull-up bar work
Tuesday: planks workout, 50 minute ride
Wednesday: 7 mile run (3 miles hard/tempo), abs workout
Thursday: arms/hips workout, some pull-up bar work
Friday: 8 mile progression run (I saw two deer and I saw a heron eat a fish!)
Saturday: 4 mile run, abs workout, some pull-up bar work
Sunday: rest

Friday, August 1, 2014

Focus on Races

I had a lot of fun reading through the following race reports this week. I hope you find some that inspire you to keep training for your upcoming race or to go for a run just because.


Boston Bound Brunette blogger ran the City of Cypress 5K (CA) in 23:43 and beat last year's time. It certainly wasn't an easy race with the late start of 7:30 on a warm day.

Mom vs. Marathon blogger ran the See Jane Run 5K in Seattle off of just 15-20 mile weeks. She finished in 24:12 and came in 2nd in her age group.

Read Bake Run Repeat blogger completed the very muddy Dirty Dash and had more fun than she expected to while sliding down slip and slides and getting hit by mud blasts.

4.3 Miles:

Turkey Runner blogger ran the Spartan Sprint Race (MD) with friends, which must be the best way to run an obstacle race. Her photos show just how muddy a race can be.

9K (5.6 Miles):

Run to the Mountains blogger completed the chilly, muddy Blackmores XTerra Dome Valley Trail Race (NZ) in 1:16:40. Even the steep climbs couldn't keep Sheryll from finishing only 4 places after Samantha Warriner, two-time Olympian, who finished in first place in Sheryll's age group.


Anyone Can Run blogger finished first female and second place overall in the Christmas in July 10K with a time of 48:22. Too bad it didn't feel like Christmas in the summer heat!

Out and About blogger completed the Esprit de She 10K in 55:43 and beat her 13 year old PR. Special activities after the race included hair braiding and manicures.

Run Far Girl blogger ran the Sixo3 Summer Fest 10K (NH). She came in 3rd overall and won a belt buckle and $50.

Why Mom Runs blogger ran the Sixo3 Summer Fest 10K (NH) in 49:32 and came in 4th in her age group. She just started her blog in July and one of her goals is to BQ.

10 Miles:

Girl Goes Running completed the Tely 10 Mile Race (Canada). Her time was 1:14:40 and she has a new PR.

Half Marathon:

Eat Host Run Style blogger completed the Chicago RnR Half Marathon with about 14,000 other half marathoners. She finished in 1:42:08 with a new PR.

Move Fuel Love blogger finished her first official half at the Darwin Runners Club Half Marathon (Australia). She used a run/walk method and finished in 2:13:34.


Stuft Mama blogger ran the San Francisco Marathon in 3:26:20 and came in 3rd in her age group. This was her 15th marathon. 

100 Miles:

Tahoe Running Helen completed her first 100 mile race when she ran the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 (in CA & NV, I think). She ran through hail and lightning and plans to run her second 100 mile race in September and why not? She wasn't any more sore after this race than she is after running marathons.

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