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Highlights: Strength Training, Races & More

Favorite Links of the Week

Top 5 Strength Training Tips for Runners (Jen Rulon) - Strength training will improve your pace.

5 Common Myths About Strength Training for Runners (Runners Connect) - I needed a reminder to completely recover between sets. I rush it!

Just Two Minutes of Foam Rolling Enhances Flexibility - I'm going to try this: foam roll each muscle group twice after each run or before running! Plus, after 2-3 runs I'll do strength training.

Strength Training for Ultramarathonrunners: A Case for Heavy Weights (ReadRunRave) - This article makes the case for squats. This week, I did far too many squats than I should have and was sore for days. Increase slowly!

Brain Training & Bikers - Mental training boosts endurance. It looks like I should try to do more math when I run!

5 Inspiring Race Reports

Daily G(Races) blogger, Kortni, helped her friend to PR when they finished the 3M Half Marathon (TX) together in 1:59!

The HoHo Runs blogger was the 2nd place finisher in her a…

Gotta Run Now Video

I'm running a marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, in less than 5 weeks and a half marathon on the trails in 3 weeks! I wish my total weekly miles was higher, but I'm slowly increasing them because I've been sick - better safe than sorry!

After one of my runs this week, my husband used his drone to record me running with our Weimaraner, Zoe, in the park where I do most of my running. I posted the 40 second video today.

Workout Recap

Monday: strength train,6.3 mile run
Tuesday: 4.2 mile easy run
Wednesday:strength train, 8 mile easy run
Thursday: 30 minute walk with my dog
Friday: 13.5 mile progression run (fast finish), strength train
Saturday: 3 mile easy run with only 3 sprints, foam roll
Sunday: rest

Totals: running: 35 miles, strength training sessions: 3

Because I try to do sprints at the end of my run, I often forget to do them until it's almost too late. How do you remember to do your planned workouts? At least I finally remembered to use my foam roller on Saturday!

Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

Chia Seeds are Nutritious

Eating chia seeds is a healthy way to add protein, fiber, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and calcium to your diet. Plus, they're fun to experiment with because they change the texture of food and thicken it.Here's a chia seed recipe that you could use for breakfast or even for dessert like I did this week.

Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

Mix together:
1 tablespoon chia seeds1 tablespoon cocoa powder1/2 cup milkmashed banana Refrigerate for 30 minutes or until it becomes like pudding, but stir it a few times so that the seeds get mixed in well.

Ideas for more add-ins:
nut buttergranolamini chocolate chips Or add them all like I did!
What if you don't like the chia seed texture? To change the texture, blend it all together.

More Chia Seed Pudding Recipes

To make fruity chia pudding, just substitute fruit for the cocoa powder. This week, I tried prunes for the first time. I was happily surprised to discover that I liked them so I made prune chia seed puddi…

Highlights: Brain Training, Races & More

Favorite Links of the Week

Train Your Brain for Your Best Running - Tips on building race confidence like thinking about your form when the race becomes tough.

How Mental Toughness Gives Athletes the Edge - Learn the five-step process to becoming tougher.

How I Train (Kim Conley, Winner of 2015 Houston Half Marathon) - A recent change she made - only strength trains two times a week. I've decided to go back to doing only 2-3 sessions a week, too.

Comparison of Garmin Vivofit and FitBit Force - This week I also compared two activity trackers. One day, I ran 5 miles according to my Garmin Forerunner 220 and 5.4 miles according to my Fitbit Flex.

8 Things You Should Never Say to Yourself About Food - Relax about food. Eat for nourishment and enjoyment.

5 Inspiring Race Reports 

Husband and Wife Repeat as Marathon Bahamas Winners - Winning marathons is nothing new for this couple. In fact, Justin has won 75 marathons so far!

Ms. Adventures of an Ultrarunner blogger, Traci, completed the Bande…

My 5 Running Motivators

1. I watched the race coverage of the Houston Marathon. I ran 5 miles at 6 am so that I could watch the race on TV. I've run it 8 times! Watching the race made me wish that I was racing, but I'll be racing the Woodlands Marathon on February 28. The Woodlands race is closer to where I live now.

2.We've had shorts weather here in Texas and I looked forward to running in the warm sunshine. 

3. I won a Brooks Pure Project BeaniefromRunLikeAGrlso I was glad that it was cold enough to wear it for my run yesterday. I like the slouchy design, the fact that it stayed where I put it and that it covers my ears without hugging them so tightly that my earbud feels too tight in my ear.

4.I won a running book, too!Reading running books makes me want get outside and run. I already finished reading the book - Running for Mortals by John Bingham and Jenny Hadfield (giveaway by Skirt Sports). It's really for beginning runners, but it lists strength-training exercises that I'll use. Toda…

Bacon For My Run & Later

Bacon During a Run & Bacon Gel 

After my 5 mile run on Monday, I realized that I wasn't fully recovered from my cough and sore throat so I've been taking it easy. Because I wasn't sure how far I'd run on yesterday's 8 mile come-back run, I brought along a snack - bacon! Sometimes they have bacon at ultra aid stations and I like to test food out on my training runs. I didn't have any problems eating it and, of course, it tasted good!

Did you know that there is a bacon-flavored energy gel? VFuel Maple Bacon is on my wish list!

Bacon Soup

Even though I was able to wear shorts yesterday on my run (try not to be too jealous!), there were some chilly nights so I made Bean and Bacon Soup (Taste and Tell). It tastes like Campbell's bean and bacon soup and since I used canned beans (Navy), it was quick to put together.

Bacon Salad

To go on the side of my bacon soup, I made a BLT Salad (Skinny Taste). It's made up of BLT ingredients, minus the bread, and topped…

Highlights: The Endurance 15, Races & More

Favorite Running Links 

Weight Gain During High Volume Training - Fuel correctly to avoid unavoidable food cravings and avoid the "endurance 15".

Women Running (Fast) Through Menopause - Keep your body moving!

Bragi Dash - Fitness tracking wireless smart earbuds for $300. Kind of pricey.

$10 Broke Man's Half Marathon (October 4) - Attn: Columbus, Ohio runners! I hope this idea catches on!

Top Running Stories of 2014 - Just to catch you up on anything you might have missed!

Race Reports to Inspire You

Robin ran the Run4RKids race (Canada) nearly 44 miles in 7:58 and was the 2nd place female! Amazingly, the race was held on an indoor track!

The Little GSP blogger, Annie, finished the Athlete's Closet New Year's 5K (PA) in 23:47. Starting this race conservatively and training on hills resulted in a PR!

2 Generations Running blogger, Nora, writes about how she and her mom completed the Run to Kick Cancer 5K (MA) in 29:50 with negative splits!

Have a great week of running! 

All About Running Hills

When I come to a hill in a race, I think back to my hill work in training and wish I had done more so I've been doing more hills lately. Fortunately, there's a hilly dirt road right out my back door. I just wish that it was as long as the one I ran on when I was on vacation in Big Bend Nat'l Park (in photo)!

I don't usually do anything complicated. I warm up on flat terrain, run the middle section of my run on the hilly road and cool down on the flats. Sometimes I run up fast and then run down slowly and sometimes I run down fast, too, to prepare me for a downhill race.

Got Hills?

Variation on Hills (Competitor)- Sisyphus (the Greek King) Session

Hill Repeats (Competitor) - How to do hill repeats.

Hit the Hills (Competitor) - Sprints, repeats, rolling hills

Everything You Need To Know About Hill Training - Bounding up stairs two or three steps at a time if you live where it's flat works. Even 15 minutes of downhill running a month is helpful.

Ultrarunner Rob Krar's …

Your Race Recaps: PR's & Firsts

While reading running blogs this week, I found some great race reports from runners who finished with new personal records, placed or reached milestones - something we'd all love to do in 2015. Enjoy!

How My World Runs blogger, Sarah, completed the Dallas Marathon (TX) and came away with a 9 minute PR!

My Heart's Content blogger, Cathryn, placed 2nd in the 10K to End World Hunger (CA) with a time of 51! Plus, her son ran his first 5K and placed 3rd!

Now I Run blogger, Stephanie, completed her third marathon, the Tucson Marathon (AZ), in 4:04 and shaved nearly an hour off of her first two marathons!

Visit Read Eat Write Run for details about finishing her first 50K race, Across the Years.

Running/Food/Baby blogger, Rebecca, came away with a PR at the 2014 5K Resolution Run (Canada) with a time of  24:53!

I know it's chilly in most areas, but I hope that your weekend is still full of some fun outside activity like running, riding or maybe even skiing!

18 Mile Run: Mostly a Great One!

I ran 18 miles! I ran in a new place close to home on an asphalt trail. There were lots of trees, a couple of lakes and creeks and very few people. A couple of people said something encouraging to me as I ran by. Since I had already run 13 miles, I kind of wondered if I was imagining things!

The run took less than 3 hours and my average pace was 9:52/mile, which makes me happy. My last two miles were just under marathon pace for a 4 hour BQ. It's a big goal, but I hope to BQ at my 16th marathon in 8 weeks.

I started running when it was in the 30's (read how running in cold weather slows you down and what to eat before cold workouts), but the sun and my running gradually warmed me up and before the end of my run I had shed many layers and was down to a tank top, a short-sleeved shirt, my pants rolled up to just below my knees and a running hat.

Today's run was fueled by Honey Stinger energy gels: fruit smoothie (which tasted like strawberry to me), vanilla (honey and vanil…

Your Race Reports: 1st of '15

Read about marathon winners, marathoners who placed and first-time marathon finishers! Sounds like a fun way to start off the new year!

Exploring Endurance blogger, Jeff, was the first place finisher at the Brazos Bend Trail Marathon (TX) with a finish of about 3 hours! Check out his blog for tips on running, ultras and race reports. (I took the photo at Brazos Bend State Park, where this race took place, when I ran the Brazos Bend 25K race in April.)

Loving on the Run blogger, Sara, completed the Kiawah Island Marathon (SC) in 3:29 and came in 2nd in her age group! Read about how she used the Hanson's training method here.

NYC Running Mama blogger, Michelle, completed the Honolulu Marathon with her sister who is now a marathoner! Visit the blog for tips for mothers running through pregnancy.

I hope you have a wonderful 2015!