Highlights: Pacers, Races & More

I've gathered some posts that I hope you'll find fun to check out!

How to Be a Fitness Product Tester - My best personal experience with this was when I tried out some New Balance running shoes in exchange for a review on Trail and Ultra Running. They even used my photo of my shoes, which is kind of fun!

Run Repeat - Speaking of shoes, you can check out this site before you buy your next pair of running shoes for reviews.

Athletes' Winter Tales - In order to produce more oxygen carrying red blood cells and to make running at sea level easier, some elite runners train away from home. Mother Jo Pavey no longer trains away from home and says that you really can train anywhere, though. Here's another look at how high altitude helps from Hungry Runner Girl along with a 20% off code for the Utah Valley Marathon.

Comparison of all of the Utah Marathons - Speaking of Utah, I've run the St.George Marathon in Utah - a beautiful state, but too many hills for me! 

Should I Run With a Pace Group? I'm running a marathon on February 28 and I think that I'll at least start out with a pacer. I did that before, but I couldn't hang on. Maybe this time I will!

Race Recaps

Terri placed 2nd in her age group in a 5K race, but the best part of the race was seeing her daughter win her first age group award!

New mother Christine earned a 5K PR with a time of 23:34 and finished 3rd in her age group!

When Deb ran a 10K on Valentine's Day, it was her 100th race and she placed 4th in her age group! 

Triathlon training Grateful Mama blogger finished her first 10 mile race and followed that up with a 29 mile bike ride!

I ran a trail half marathon on Valentine's Day and finished 3rd in my age group!

Visit Debs' blog to see how evenly she ran her recent 50K and finished 5th female in 4:05!


  1. All of the race reports are so motivational; thanks! And that shoe website is awesome. Congrats again on your AG award at the trail race!

    1. Thanks, Jan! Today I looked up the comfortable Saucony Ride shoe that I wore in my recent trail half marathon on the Run Repeat site. It's interesting to see what others runners think.

  2. Nice job with your age group placement. I meant to keep track of my 100th race but it slipped by me. I like things like that.

  3. Love the post about product testing. I would love to do that!

  4. Love the link about being a fitness product test - will have to look at that one a little more!!

  5. You find the best articles & race recaps to post. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the awesome collection of posts.

  7. The race recaps are so motivating (and helpful when hunting for new races)!

  8. Some speedy finishers this round!! So inspiring :) I was easy paced this last event, but glad to finish after being out with a stress fracture.
    I love the idea of running with a pace group, but have yet to have a chance to try. One day...


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