Marathon Taper Time!

Recap of Last Week

I quickly recovered from the Valentine's Day trail half marathon. I recover more quickly after racing on dirt trails, like the one above, than I do after running a road race. (Unless, I trip on a root and fall!) Two days later, on Monday, I was running again.

M: 8 mile run, strength train 
T: 5 mile run, strength train
W: rest
T: 8 mile run (8 x 800m or 1/2 mi with 400m rests)
F: 9 mile run, strength train

S: rest
S: 7 mile run

Taper Week

This week I'll be running less than usual and eating more carbohydrates than usual because on February 28 I'm running in The Woodlands Marathon! I've run the half marathon a couple of times, it's close to home and it looks like the weather will be fairly nice for running, too! 


  1. Good luck on your marathon. Nice weather always make a huge difference.-L

  2. Enjoy the taper and good luck on your marathon!

  3. Wishing you good luck at the marathon. It's great when a race is close to home and you get good weather! Win-win.

  4. Good luck at The Woodlands! It is fun meeting you at the trail run!

    1. It was great meeting you, too, Kortni! I hope we run into each other again at one of the local races!

  5. Enjoy your taper week(s)!!! Good luck at the marathon!

  6. Good luck. Hope we have nice weather to run in Phoenix. Any which way it goes, it will be better than these sub zero temps we've been enduring in the NE.

  7. Have a great race Tina!! Enjoy some well earned pre-race rest.

  8. Have a great race! I look forward to reading your race report!

  9. Good luck and have fun! Nice that the weather will be good!

  10. Have a great race this weekend! I'm racing, too. It's a trail race and currently there are 16 inches of snow covering the trail, with more expected tonight and Saturday morning (the day of the race). Should be interesting!

  11. So exciting! Good luck and enjoy your race! Look forward to hearing how you go!

  12. You are definitely ready for the marathon. Enjoy!

  13. That is truly one of the great things abut trail running! It's always a little kinder on my legs. Great week of training before taper week :) I know you'll have a great marathon.

  14. Have a great race this weekend!

  15. I hope you don't have any taper crazies, those are the worst for me. Good luck tomorrow, you will do GREAT!

  16. Makes sense that you recover faster from trails...I've never thought of that before! +1 for reasons to trail race more often! :) Yay for taper time!


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