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Brazos Bend 50 Race Report: 5 Lessons Learned from My First 50 Mile Race

I am now a 50 mile finisher! On April 25, I ran the Brazos Bend 50 Mile Race in Needville, Texas (near Houston). How many chances do you get to run with alligators? I counted 14. The gators stayed in the water so even when I was alone on the trail - it was just part of the fun to see them.

I saw my husband and our dog along the course, too. We stayed in our RV the night before the race, which meant I was only five minutes from the start. When I got to the start before the race, I ran a little and realized I had to rearrange my gear in my pockets so it didn't bob up and down and bug me. I'm glad I did!

Here are my 5 biggest race take-ways.

1. It's the little things that make me happy. 

Seeing my husband in the pouring rain who offered me a towel and a gelChit-chatting with other runners Volunteers always filled my water bottle quickly (I'm glad I carried one)A real restroom (not a porta-potty) at mile 21 Ice whenever I wanted it at the aid stations  Knowing the exact mile…

50 Mile Race - Gear List

My first 50 mile race, the longest race I've ever run, is coming up on April 25. I'm a mixture of excitement and nerves! To calm my nerves a little, I've made a list of what I'll carry during the race and what I'll eat on race morning.

shirt with pocket
Skirt Sports Adventure Skirt with 5 pockets
buff to pour cold water on to cool my neck (I'm expecting a warm day.)
comfy socks and shoes

Banana Boat Sport sunscreen
Ivy X pre-contact poison ivy spray (Just in case I run into some poison ivy again!)
Gold Bond Friction Defense (like Body-glide, but sold at my local grocery store)

Fuel for the Run
Nathan Handheld Quickdraw Water Bottle
20 GU gels (taken every 30 minutes, about the same as my fuel plan for my last marathon and 50K race)
may supplement with aid station fuel: Hammer gels and Heed drink

Also Carry
Garmin Forerunner 220 GPS watch
phone charger (It'll be a long race!)
ear buds
ankle timing chip and race bib
Happy though…

15 Mile Run: Problem Solving

Always look for the good - like lessons learned from tough runs and wild flowers in the woods.

It's humid here in Texas. I wanted to run 8 miles today, but I barely made it through 7. Maybe it's because I still hadn't recovered from yesterday when I had a hard time running 15 miles in the humidity. It's all part of my training for the 50 Mile Brazos Bend Trail Race on April 25.

Besides the humidity, I had three problems yesterday.
There was the 55 oz. hydration pack that started a new annoying thing where it kept swinging off my shoulder. After 4 miles, I ran home and exchanged it for my handheld bottle. That felt so much better that I think I'll be carrying a 20 oz. handheld water bottle in the race. Fortunately, the race aid stations are only about 4 miles apart.After pushing into the constant wind for miles, I was hungry earlier than planned so I started eating early. I had 4 dates, a mini PBJ burrito and a fruit twist. Because it was a shorter long run, I didn&…

25 Mile Training Run For My 1st 50 Mile Race

I finally decided on registering for the 50 mile race! I'm leaning towards using my 4 bottle Nathan belt for the race and I used it today without any problems except for two tender spots on my back afterwards. Having 4 bottles will mean that I can have water and a drink like Heed or Gatorade that should be offered along the race course. Thanks for commenting on what you like to use in my last post!

I ran for 4 hours and 37 minutes today - 25 miles! My 11:06/mile pace was faster than it was for my other recent long training runs. I'm not sure why because it was warm (75-80) and somewhat humid. I did drink more than usual, though, and maybe that fueled me better. During the first half, I drank 20 ounces of liquid an hour and after that, I drank 30 ounces of liquid an hour.

Pre-run (1 hour before)
pancakes with honey, 1/2 banana (frozen pieces), coffee with creamer

During 25 Mile Run
2 PB&J sandwiches, 32 oz Gatorade, 1 flat can of Coke, 1 scoop Hammer Perpetuem (disliked tast…