More Protein Powder & Miles

I was almost out of protein powder, so my recent package from Nutrition 53 of Vegan 1 protein powder came at just the right time. Each Vegan 1 packet contains 20 grams of plant-based protein and the powder mixes up with just a spoon.  

Lately, I've been having some jaw pain (TMJ) that will, hopefully, soon be relieved by my new mouth guard. Until then, chewing hurts so protein shakes to the rescue! I had fun trying the four flavors they sent me.

Chai: It's nearly impossible for me to find a powder mixed with only water that I like, but the chai flavor made the grade.

Banana: With a fork, I mixed together the banana powder, water, banana and a dash of molasses, which adds iron and sweetness.

Chocolate: I used my immersion blender to make a version of one of my favorite recipes (photo): blended frozen banana slices, a tablespoon of peanut butter, enough water to get the consistency I want and chocolate protein powder (or instead of powder, sub cocoa powder).

Vanilla: I made a pretty purple smoothie by blending together the vanilla powder, blueberries, strawberries, yogurt, oats, milk and honey. 

Nutrition 53 sent me 12 packets in exchange for my posted opinion, but anyone can request one free packet.

Can You Find the Raccoon I Spotted on Today's 15 Mile Run?

This Week's Workouts

My husband and I will be heading north in our RV this summer and I'd like to fit a race in. I'm thinking about running the Missoula Marathon in July, but our plans are still up in the air. Still, that gives me an incentive to increase my weekly miles and to include a tempo, hill and long run even as the summer heats up here in Texas.

5/16: Low Back Pain Exercises for Runners, Plank RoutineFitnessista WO (1-6)

5/17: Run 7 miles (Tempo4 miles moderate effort @11:17/mi. ave.), Myrtl video
5/18: Strength Training: coreupper body video; Bike 30 min.
5/19: Run 9 miles; Meb's Drills: skipping, skipping with extended legs, backwards skipping; strides
5/20: Run 5 miles (Hills), Coach Jay's Core HHips: clamshells, sidesteps, bridges
5/21: Bike 30 min., Strength Training
5/22: Run 15 miles (Long): extra challenges: no food/music/audio book during run, last mile- fast finish
Total Running: 36 miles 


  1. I haven't really gotten into these protein powders but after a long talk with my PT about my nutrition, I think I am going to consider using them more! -M

    1. Protein powders are especially convenient when you're too busy to make a more time consuming meal or you're away from home.

  2. I didn't know they made a vegan 1. I use vanilla lean 1 in all my smoothies!

    1. I wonder how different the vanilla lean and vegan powders taste. I see that they have a Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor in the Lean 1 line. That flavor sounds good!

  3. I hope you feel better soon. Great week of training. I love Missoula!! It would be fun to run there :) I have never tried this particular brand, I am excited to try anything that has a good taste with water.

    1. My dentist says the new guard will help a lot - hope so! I've never been to Missoula before or even Montana, but running in new places is always fun.

  4. I've tried some protein powders - esp Unjury, it's what I recommend as an RD to my bariatric patients, but I'd rather stick to my yogurt for protein post workout, with some walnuts and chia for more protein and Omega-3's for inflammation.

    1. I could eat plain yogurt with healthy add-ins every day and sometimes I do!


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