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One Run, Two States

Today I ran 12 miles in two states during one run. We're staying at Premier RV park on the Snake River in Clarkston, Washington. I ran over a bridge and into Lewiston, Idaho, and kept going until I ran to Hellsgate State Park. The park looked very much like the rest of the bike trail scenery (see top photo).

I ran 3 goal marathon paced miles, which pretty much means I ran about as fast as I could for three miles! It was my longest run since running the Missoula Marathon on July 12 and it went well. I picked up my dog for the last 2 miles so she could get some exercise before we hit the road to head south towards Boise.

Earlier this week, we were in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, which was crowded with tourists from what I could tell after grocery shopping and overhearing a store employee complain about the traffic. We stayed outside of the city, in Post Falls, where I got in a few runs from the Cabella's store where we stayed. They even had dog kennels there for campers!

Before we…

Glacier National Park: Hidden Lake & Bears!

Glacier National Park has been my favorite place to visit in Montana and yesterday was the best day of all! We woke up early and returned to the Hidden Lake trail head by 8:30. We wanted to try the hike again after we had to cut our hike short because of a hail storm a few days ago.

Our First Bear!

Even before the hike, the excitement began when we saw a black bear on our drive. The bear started going towards a walkway where there were some people walking towards the bear without knowing it was there so my husband yelled out to them and they ran back to their car. The bear ended up ignoring everyone, walked down the road and up a mountainside. We were happy to have finally seen a bear. Plus, saving a life or two is a great way to start your day!

A Grizzly Bear, Too!

Next up, we walked to Hidden Lake. I was really nervous when it started to rain and we were 1 1/2 hour's walk from the car, but it didn't storm today like it did before and all was well. Along the way, we saw our se…

Glacier National Park: Hike, Run, Eat

First Hike, First Post-Marathon Run - A Little Painful!

We've only been in Glacier National Park a few days and we've already seen so many wild flowers, mountains, creeks, water falls and lakes. On our first hike, we drove on the Going to the Sun Road to Logan Pass to hike to Hidden Lake. Four days after running the Missoula Marathon, that was a painful first post-race run but not so much because I was sore.

Here we are happily hiking to Hidden Lake before the storm. "I hear thunder. We should turn around," said one of us.

"No, we're almost there!" said the other. Then the rain turned into ice. The ice pellets hitting our freezing faces and legs hurt like fire. Ouch, ouch, ouch! Here's a video of the hike where we talk about it.

Second Hike with a Fun Run Down the Mountain

Yesterday, which was the next day, we hiked up the somewhat steep trail to Avalanche Lake and then we ran down the trail - my husband's idea! I liked hopping over rocks and roo…

Missoula Marathon Race Recap

The Missoula Marathon was my 17th marathon and Montana is my 9th state to run a marathon in!

The Start

The marathon runs from Frenchtown into Missoula. Since I stayed at the RV park close to the start, rather than take the bus from Missoula to the start, I was able to get a ride to Frenchtown with another runner staying at the park.

The course started out flat with a few horses and farms to look at along the way. Everything was going fairly well and I was pretty close to the 4:00 pacers until the 11.5 mile aid station when I suddenly felt light headed and started wheezing (felt like I was hyper-ventilating, unusual). I drank some Gatorade Endurance and by the time I finished walking through the aid station, I was better, but my speed was gone.

The Prettiest, But Hardest Part

Then the hills began. I wondered if walking them would be as fast as running them! Still, that was my favorite part because it was the scenic part of the course with pines and nice houses on the side of a mountain.…

Banff Nat'l Park: Run & Hike

Time to go camping in Banff Nat'l Park! And to run, of course! After running through our campground over to the tent campground where it's enclosed by an electric fence because of bears, I ran back along the Bow River to complete a 10K. We are in Canada after all so kilometers it is! I haven't seen a bear yet, but later I saw a coyote (update: my first thought was that it was a wolf because it was big, but I don't know) run by our campsite!

I cleaned up and my husband and I hiked up a mountain to go to Lake Agnes Tea House where I drank a chai latte. Those are so good, but especially after climbing up 2.2 miles. Ok, we're back to miles now! We stopped off to enjoy pretty Mirror Lake along the way - all except for the skeeters and flies. I forgot the mosquito spray again!

Later, I had some delicious cranberry walnut quinoa salad from Laggan's bakery in Lake Louise Village. After the hilly hike and getting a sore knee, I decided to not run the next day, but two …

Fun From Bozeman to Helena, Montana

After leaving southeastern Montana, we slowly made our way to Holter Lake near Helena. On the way, my husband and I stopped in Bozeman where I ran 6 miles (and saw loose cows near the farms in the foothills) and we hiked up beautiful Hyalite Canyon to Grotto Falls (pictured) and Arches Falls.

We stopped in Philipsburg for handmade almond chocolate clusters and a peach smoothie. It was a little unsettling to drive into town and read the sign that said a (too low for our RV) bridge was coming up, but we were able to bypass it. Phew!

We continued on and when we arrived in Helena, we walked up Mount Helena Trail Ridge to see the city from up high. (Some people have asked about Zoe's red collar. It's a Gentle Leader that prevents her from pulling.)

Then we left Helena for Holter Lake where we camped. Surprisingly, it stays light here until about 9:30 and then daylight comes early  - about 5:15. This morning I ran 10 hilly miles at 5:30. I pretty much had the road to myself except …