Fun From Bozeman to Helena, Montana

After leaving southeastern Montana, we slowly made our way to Holter Lake near Helena. On the way, my husband and I stopped in Bozeman where I ran 6 miles (and saw loose cows near the farms in the foothills) and we hiked up beautiful Hyalite Canyon to Grotto Falls (pictured) and Arches Falls.

We stopped in Philipsburg for handmade almond chocolate clusters and a peach smoothie. It was a little unsettling to drive into town and read the sign that said a (too low for our RV) bridge was coming up, but we were able to bypass it. Phew!

We continued on and when we arrived in Helena, we walked up Mount Helena Trail Ridge to see the city from up high. (Some people have asked about Zoe's red collar. It's a Gentle Leader that prevents her from pulling.)

Today's 10 Mile Course at Holter Lake

We Soaked Our Feet in Cool, But Buggy, Holter Lake

Then we left Helena for Holter Lake where we camped. Surprisingly, it stays light here until about 9:30 and then daylight comes early  - about 5:15. This morning I ran 10 hilly miles at 5:30. I pretty much had the road to myself except for one other runner, two walkers and 8 deer.


  1. I love the candy store in Phillipsburg! so many beautiful places to drive through and you are really doing a great job seeing a lot of them!

  2. Beautiful pictures as always. It must be so serene to run in places like this.

  3. What a gorgeous place to run! I have got to see Montana for myself some day.... maybe some day Barry and I will make a cross country drive with our camper :)

  4. The lake looks amazing!! I love those longer days :) My mom's area it is light until almost 10 p.m. it just awed me a few summers ago lol It's really funny it goes from fairly light to dark in a very short amount of time. I love experiencing those kind of little intricacies when I travel.
    10 miles around that lake sounds heavenly :)
    Do the little towns seem similar or are you getting a different feel each place you stop?

  5. Each town is a little different so far!


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