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Grand Teton National Park, WY

If you ever visit GTNP, you need to do what I did...
Go on a class 3 raft ride down the Snake River. I was a little afraid to try rafting for the first time, but I had to be brave in front of our friends visiting from back home who went with us. That was one of my favorite things that I've done on my long vacation across the country with my husband. (Photo: I'm in the middle in the blue hat.)

Run on the trails around Jenny Lake for nearly 3 hours while my husband and friends sat around waiting for the fish to bite. At least they saw a big one swim by...

Carry bear spray. Buy the 9 oz. bottle because at least it sprays for 7 seconds. Take it on your Jenny Lake trail run and call out, "Bear, bear!" every few seconds. I spied four moose and heard there was a bear on the trail where I ran.

Run from Jackson, Wyoming, to the GTNP for a 16 miler along Hwy.89 beside the elk reserve where I didn't see any elk. (I saw some later.) Take a picture of the entrance sign just seco…

Denver and Cheyenne: Running and History

I ran 9 miles in Denver on the Bluffs Regional Park Trails on Tuesday. After running the 10K race in Leadville over the weekend, I was ready to run more hills in Denver. I ran alongside three deer and I could see downtown Denver and the Rocky Mountains in the distance. We stayed at a Cabella's in our RV, which was right off of the Ridgegate Trail in Lonetree, Colorado, that took me to the park - a perfect location!

We went to the REI store in Denver to look at camping equipment and running gear. It only took 4 minutes to set up an REI MSR tent. We're thinking about doing some back country camping someday and wanted to try it out. More than one person told us they have the same tent and love it while we set it up.

We stopped by Red Rocks in Denver, but couldn't get in to see the amphitheater because a show was getting ready to start. We saw a live snake caught in some netting - a good reminder to keep my eyes open for snakes because we walked by it without seeing it on our…

Leadville 10K Race Report (Plus Breckenridge!)

Today I raced in the Leadville Trail 10K, "America's Highest 10K", in Colorado. The course is held on the first and last 3.1 miles of the Leadville 100 mile race and it was the hardest 10K race I've ever run. This is probably as close as I'll ever be to running the Leadville 100 mile race! 
The race starts at 10,150' elevation and has some rolling hills on a paved and a dirt road with few spectators and a total drop and rise of 400'. The elevation made it feel like I couldn't take a deep breath so I tried to forget about it and not take such deep breaths. Little breaths work, too! 
I started the race with a bottle of Camelbak raspberry lime hydration drink, which was available at the start. At the mid-point, there was an aid station where I filled my 22 oz. bottle with grape GU Brew. I don't usually drink nearly that much at a 10K, but I was thirsty and hoped it would keep me going.

Since I saved some energy for the long hill in the last mile and…

Hike and Run in Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park

Today I'm in one of my favorite places - Estes Park, Colorado, just outside Rocky Mountain National Park! This week, we hiked in the mountains and ran in and walked around Estes Park with a stop at Laura's for homemade Oreo Cheesecake ice cream, toffee and a cookie.

My husband and I climbed 226 steps from the Alpine Visitor Center to the top of a mountain that is 12000' above sea level. Surprisingly, it wasn't too hard. Maybe that's because I was distracted by counting the steps. That hike was after I ran 7 miles with 2 at a hard effort in the morning.

I've felt the elevation on some hikes, which causes shortness of breath and slows me down, like when we hiked for over two hours and saw three lakes (all near Bear Lake), Nymph, Dream and Emerald (10,110' elevation). That morning, I ran 3 hilly miles in Estes Park towards Mary's Lake.

Running from the RV Park (good wifi there) into Estes Park and to Lake Estes has been convenient. The lake is two miles a…

Running in Idaho, Utah & Wyoming!

Another week of travels in our RV for my husband and I! I ran in three states this week. 
We arrived in Park City in time for the Tour de Utah. Now I know just what it's like for the travelers stuck in traffic on race day. We saw some of the pro bicyclists in the race as we sat on the highway waiting. It made for an interesting traffic jam as we watched the race. But let's go back to the beginning of the week...
Week of August 2
Sunday- Rest

This friendly dog joined me on my 7 mile run for all of my "3 miles at hard effort" when I ran in a neighborhood beside the RV park in Idaho where we stayed on our way to Jackson WY. Park description - very slow wifi, tight RV spaces and only one dryer.


Rather than head towards Jackson, WY, as planned, we drove south towards Salt Lake City so we could get get an estimate on the repair of our broken RV awning. Monday we stayed south of Ogden, Utah. That gray line in the upper section of the photo is the mark left whe…

Idaho: Hikes, Runs, Caves

I'm traveling with my husband in our RV while keeping up my running habit. The running scenery this week went from blah to wow by the second run of the week.


Today I woke up in Boise, Idaho, and did a 4 mile mall parking lot run because the mall was across the street from the Cabella's where we stayed.

Then we drove to the Stanley, Idaho, area. Stanley is a tiny town with a population of 63 and has a great view of the Sawtooth Mountains.


Today we went on a 3 hour hike at Redfish Lake Trail. The 6500' elevation really slowed me down and I finally talked my husband into turning around. The lake was beautiful.


I ran 6 miles with hills today. My run took me towards Stanley Lake and I was on the lookout for bears the whole run. I ran 8 twenty second hills with a hard effort, but the 6500' elevation made it kind of hard. It was so cold that my fingers never warmed up, but at least my toes did. I made a warm chia pudding afterwards: milk, banana, chia…