Grand Teton National Park, WY

If you ever visit GTNP, you need to do what I did...

  • Go on a class 3 raft ride down the Snake River. I was a little afraid to try rafting for the first time, but I had to be brave in front of our friends visiting from back home who went with us. That was one of my favorite things that I've done on my long vacation across the country with my husband. (Photo: I'm in the middle in the blue hat.)

Jenny Lake

  • Run on the trails around Jenny Lake for nearly 3 hours while my husband and friends sat around waiting for the fish to bite. At least they saw a big one swim by...

The Trail Around Jenny Lake

  • Carry bear spray. Buy the 9 oz. bottle because at least it sprays for 7 seconds. Take it on your Jenny Lake trail run and call out, "Bear, bear!" every few seconds. I spied four moose and heard there was a bear on the trail where I ran.

  • Run from Jackson, Wyoming, to the GTNP for a 16 miler along Hwy.89 beside the elk reserve where I didn't see any elk. (I saw some later.) Take a picture of the entrance sign just seconds before a tour bus unloads. 

Jackson, Wyoming

  • Visit Jackson, about 30 minutes from Jenny Lake, to walk around the town and shop for your post-run cool-down! 


  1. The Grand Tetons are so beautiful! And white-water rafting is so much fun. My favorite part is the relaxing, gentle floating times. I'll leave the rapids to the more adventurous types. :D I'm enjoying seeing all of your pics! Thanks for posting!

    1. We had a handful of scary rafting (for me!) moments during the ride. Lots of fun!

  2. Sounds awesome! We will definitely be visiting Jenny Lake & Jackson when we go there next month. Thanks for the tip on the bear spray!

    1. We bought our bear spray from a small business owner with a kiosk outside the Canyon Village visitor center in YNP. They give out doggy treats. : )

  3. Oh my gosh white river rafting would be so freaking cool.

  4. You are brave. I think I would take my husband AND the bear spray with me running! I have gone WWR on the snake River in Wyoming--SO FUN!
    I am enjoying reading your adventures!

  5. Your trip is seriously amazing! I am so jealous of everything that you have done. Except the running with bears part. You can keep the bears :P

  6. I love the Teton's, they seriously are beautiful!!! Love your pictures!
    When I was a kid I went down the snake river and loved it. I went white water rafting back in June down a great section of the Colorado River, it was a blast! Glad you had such a fun time doing it, and you were smart to pick one you get to oar yourself, it seriously makes for the best experience!

  7. How fun! We live just a little bit south of where you were in Star valley. Our kids go to the Elk Refuge on field trips every year and ride in a giant sleigh in the snow. :) And our kids were just camping up at Jenny Lake. Glad you enjoyed it!!!

  8. The rafting looks scary! That is a great trail around Jenny Lake :) The mileage your legs can handle always impresses me. You are making some great memories this summer.


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