Running in Idaho, Utah & Wyoming!

Park City, Utah
Another week of travels in our RV for my husband and I! I ran in three states this week. 

We arrived in Park City in time for the Tour de Utah. Now I know just what it's like for the travelers stuck in traffic on race day. We saw some of the pro bicyclists in the race as we sat on the highway waiting. It made for an interesting traffic jam as we watched the race. But let's go back to the beginning of the week...

Week of August 2

Sunday- Rest


Let's Run, Stranger!

This friendly dog joined me on my 7 mile run for all of my "3 miles at hard effort" when I ran in a neighborhood beside the RV park in Idaho where we stayed on our way to Jackson WY. Park description - very slow wifi, tight RV spaces and only one dryer.


Ogden, Utah

Rather than head towards Jackson, WY, as planned, we drove south towards Salt Lake City so we could get get an estimate on the repair of our broken RV awning. Monday we stayed south of Ogden, Utah. That gray line in the upper section of the photo is the mark left when a steel plate flew through the air off of a passing truck and hit our RV window recently. It hit directly in front of my seat. Thankfully, it didn't break the window even though it hit it hard.

We stayed at the Riverdale Walmart (north of Salt Lake City, Utah) where we had great wifi, which meant I was able to read blogs. : ) I ran 4 miles on the nicely landscaped area behind the store.


Olympic Park
I had a great 7 mile hilly run on a trail heading towards Park City. I'd like to run that trail again. Later, we walked through Park City, which is a cute little town of restaurants and shops. We stayed at a Walmart in Kimball Junction, just outside Park City, Utah, where we enjoyed a mountain and Olympic Park view.


Jordanelle State Park, Utah
We stayed two nights at Jordanelle State Park between Park City and Heber City. You can see our blue Jeep and RV in the bottom left-hand corner of the photo.

Deer and Baby
I ran 10.5 miles and saw 10 deer and a skunk. That was the closest I've ever been to a skunk and after we both stared at each other a moment, I ran off the other way - fast! I wanted to run 13, but the hills and trails took so long to run that I cut it short.

Friday- Rest, Drove to Wyoming


I ran 5.5 miles on a bike trail from the Laramie, WY, Walmart where we saw pronghorn antelope in a field next to the store!

This Week-

35 miles of running, 3 strength training workouts, 3 states, fun times!


  1. Aw that baby deer is adorable! I'll pass on the skunk though! I'm so impressed that you are able to get in so many miles while traveling. You're a beast!

    1. Thanks! Seeing all of those deer was fun!

  2. Cute running partner! Wow! So many deer during your run! I would have ran the other way too after seeing a skunk. I would love running many different trails and being able to see so much! Sound like you are having a great summer.

    1. I really didn't want to get sprayed!

  3. Sounds like such a fun vacation, traveling around in an RV! That is my kind of traveling, just stopping and seeing everything you can:)
    I live in Utah, but didn't get out to see the Tour de Utah, but the week before, I was up in the canyons hiking and the bike teams were doing their training runs, so I got a glimpse of them then. Last year I saw a bit more of the actual race, I do find it an exciting sport!
    Jordanelle is a beautiful lake, I drive by it all the time, sometimes a few times a week, but I haven't stopped there for years. I am thinking of doing a little paddle boarding on it, in the coming weeks though, if I get the time!
    I would have run from the skunk too! I had a friend who was sprayed when I was younger, I swear she smelt like a skunk for weeks, despite all the tomato baths, LOL
    Have so much fun on the rest of your travels, and hope you can travel safely and not have to stop off at any more repair shops!

    1. What a great place to live! Have fun paddle boarding!

  4. Love the "stranger" dog! So cute. You are definitely figuring out what you do & don't like about RV parks! Is Walmart okay with people staying? I never really see RV's at the ones by us but I've read about people staying in Walmarts on blogs.

    1. We ask permission and, so far, Walmart has always given it. It's handy to be there to get our shopping done!

  5. Utah looks so beautiful :) I think 3 states in one week is pretty amazing. You are getting some great runs in.
    This is truly a dream adventure trip, i would love to do this one day :) and you will have ALL the best tips!

    1. It's been quite the adventure!

  6. Oh fun! You are in my neck of the woods. :) We live in Star Valley, which you would have driven through in between Utah and Jackson (we are about an hour south of Jackson Hole). We drive to Salt Lake for doctor appointments, airport, etc. and love to stop in Park City.

    1. Must be great to live in that part of the US!

  7. How neat to run in three different states in one week! Your poor RV is having a bit of a rough trip. Thank goodness that piece of metal didn't break the window! It must have startled you pretty good when it hit.

    I'm glad you saw the skunk and didn't get sprayed by it!


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