CO Running: Fort Collins, Estes Park, Grand Junction

Just three days before going on my very first back country hiking trip, I ran 18 miles and then I ran a 10 miler the next day- both in Fort Collins. I ran the 18 miler around a lake at the KOA campground where we stayed in our RV. I used 3 servings of EFS Liquid Shot and it worked great. (Here's a great post on running and using EFS.)

The next day, I ran 10 miles at Reservoir Ridge. My legs were heavy after the long run the day before, but running in a new place was fun - so was spotting some deer and seeing the miniature horse on the way to the trail.
Fort Collins' Reservoir Ridge
On Sunday, we drove to Estes Park, packed for our back country hike and rested up for the big hike.

After hiking for three days, the next day I ran 9 miles and then 5 miles on the following day at Lake Estes. During my run, I saw a few elk and a possible coyote. They ignored me and everyone was happy!

This morning, I ran 8 miles in Grand Junction, Colorado, just before taking off in our RV for Moab, Utah, where we are now. It's hot here, but I hope to get out early before it's too warm for a long run tomorrow. I'm looking forward to the scenery!


  1. Wow! You have been running alot of miles. I bet they fly by with all the beautiful scenery you get to see during your run. Great job!

  2. When you get home, you will be so bored by the scenery after all of this variety! :) I love your pic of the little horse nose.

  3. You have been putting some awesome mileage in, way to go!!!
    Backcountry hiking in Estes is probably amazing, I am jealous!
    Enjoy Moab, I live in Utah and visit there often! Hope you get up into Arches, in fact I am running a Travel Tuesday post tomorrow showcasing the Devils Garden trail in the park!
    If you get a chance, taking a river run is also a lot of fun! Beautiful country down there, I can spend weeks in canyon country and never get bored! It's desert heat, so hopefully even warmer temps won't bother ya too much on your runs! Have fun!

  4. Wish I Had Known You Were Traveling Through GJ!! Its where I live and would have loved to have shown off our little town. We have Indian Rock Art, Cultural Arts, and Unique Eaters. Where did you run?? Camp?? Safe Travels & Keep Posting Photos

    1. That would have been fun, but it was just a quick stop overnight at Walmart and a run along the road between malls. A plus, a post-run Einstein blueberry bagel from across the street. Convenient and my first E. bagel!

  5. Was it a big lake at the campground, or did you have to run a crazy number of laps around it to get 18 miles? Pretty cool you did some running in Fort Collins - I have family there :)


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